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Created February 11, 2011 by Laura

Youth Issues

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  1. Emily Coombe Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Neill Donnelly Cullyhanna IRELAND
  3. Nicole McLoughlin Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Leah Wainwright London UNITED KINGDOM

    The work undertaken at Penwortham Youth and Community Centre is of vital importance, not only to the local community but to each individual that walks through the door. I have been associated with the centre for a number of years and seen young people blossom into well rounded, mature and creative adults. A centre such as this focuses on the individual as well as the group as a result many young people have walked away with confidence, friendships and skills they could not have developed under other circumstances. To loose the centre would be a great disservice to the young people in attendance of the clubs and societies the building homes and a tragedy for the young people who are yet to discover the joys and fulfilment the centre can bring to them.

  5. Alex Rowe Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a regularly used, well run youth and community centre, that holds many fond memories. There is no justification in closing it.

  6. Rachel Halleron Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Really glad that people are wanting to try and make a difference

  7. Joanna Gillespie Prestin UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Stuart Wilkinson Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Joanna Gillespie Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    I think it would be an utter disgrace to close the youth centre down. On a personal level it wasn't for the work Ron Blenkinship has done with the youth theatre I wouldn't be who I am today. When I joined as a child I was extremely shy and a bit uncommunicative and now I'm a drama teacher and a performer myself. I fully support the work of penwortham youth centre and question the prospects and opportunities available to young people in a world of mass unemployment. What is left for them to do- hang out on street corners? You reap what you sow…

  10. Sue Baker preston UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Kirsty Hargreaves Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    I think it would be such a shame for the youth centre to close,I used to go to a drama group here and dancing-giving me many opportunities to make friends and socialise with others!!

  12. Lynn Quigley Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Michael Farrow Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    As a volunteer at the centre and a young person who once used the service I am outraged. With a whole host of frontline services to young people being cut in addition to their limited bleak future what will they have left? If a generation is just not resourced for how will they develop into the role model citizens that this country needs.\r\n\r\nThe centre has a recording studio which I help run, a youth theatre, St Johns Ambulance, Disabled groups, Dance groups, youth parliament, drop in clubs and more. This alone justifies the sheer importance of not just a building, but a community of workers and young people positively engaging.\r\n\r\nWhat will the young generation have left but to fill the negative stereotype which already shadows them.

  14. Lyndsey Burke COLNE UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Paul Quigley Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Eleanor Gould Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Emily Keighley Newcastle UNITED KINGDOM
  18. David Molloy Warrington UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Gail Donnelly preston UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Peter Donnelly preston UNITED KINGDOM
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