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Created February 11, 2011 by Laura

Youth Issues

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  1. Lorna Kellett Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    I have been attending a dance school at Penwortham Youth Center for over 14 years now. I've seen it do wonderful things for young people and it would be awful to let it go!

  2. Max Neill Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with your campaign.

  3. Victoria Pitt Preston UNITED KINGDOM


  4. Marie Kerridge Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    My boys went to St John's Ambulance, and learnt an important life skill, first aid!

  5. Andrew Dickinson Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Daniel Barnes penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Amy Louise Slater Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    Don't close youth club!
    youth clubs were set up to keep teens off the streets and closing them will only increase the amount of crime, drugs and alcogol abuse.
    Youth centres were set up to keep them off the streets so putting teens back on the streets contradicts the whole point of setting them up in the first place surely?

  8. Pita Oates Preston UNITED KINGDOM

    There are soon to be even more limited resources for young people in Lancashire due to budget cuts.third sector organisations disappearing, thinking about more creative ways to utilise the youth centre would be a more proactive approach to realign funds.

  9. Ray Oates Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Bethany Walker Penwortham UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Becky Rossall Preston
  12. Deborah Thompson Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  13. daniel malaney preston UNITED KINGDOM

    if you want youth crime then ignore this petition

  14. Katherine Palmer Blackburn UNITED KINGDOM

    The Youth Centre has been part of my life for 21 years – as a six year old I joined St John Ambulance, and have been there ever since! As Hannah mentioned earlier; without the youth centre I would not be the person I am today – I did a drama degree following the performing arts experience I had at PowerFource, I became a teacher because of the work I did with St John, I got into darkroom photography in the cellar at the centre and pursued qualifications in the subject. I also met my partner of 13 years through the centre!
    I can't imagine what my life would be like without having been part of PYCC – and I don't like to think of a future for young people that doesn't include it and the valuable opportunities it provides.
    I have watched Penwortham and Hutton St John Ambulance grow to the enormous, well supported group that it is today, and the Youth Centre is inextricably linked with the group. I dread to think where the members would go or what it would mean for the group if the centre was to close.
    The events and activities that occur at the centre are a credit to Penwortham and the young people of Penwortham. Let's continue to support the personal development and growth of future generation.

  15. Alice Pinder Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Katie Ryding Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Jemma Hampson Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Rebecca Batty Preston UNITED KINGDOM
  19. sarah duke southampton UNITED KINGDOM
  20. Derek Adams Preston UNITED KINGDOM
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