Save Savile Row From Abercrombie & Fitch

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Created March 21, 2012 by Gustav


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  1. Olly 'bounder' Priest UNITED KINGDOM

    Savile Row is the jewel in the UK economy and should be preserved and protected as an SSSI (Site of Special Sartorial Interest). Abercrombie and Fitch can go and join the other mass produced rubbish at Oxford Circus.

  2. Samantha Law UNITED KINGDOM

    What he said.

  3. Barry marks UNITED KINGDOM

    And to think the bounders would enter savile row look for chain-store identikit fashions

  4. rufus o'brien

    This kind of behaviour is likely to spark a revolution. One hundred years from now, everyone will have bespoke- and for a jolly decent price too.

  5. Maurizio Mancuso ITALY

    Saville Row = Bespoke ONLY

  6. Maurizio Mancuso ITALY

    Online Bespoke in Saville Row !!!

  7. Rob Bolvin UNITED STATES

    Just what the world needs, more ill clad hipsters in cheap clothing.

  8. Fergus Lynch UNITED KINGDOM

    Save Savile Row!

  9. Richard Gibson UNITED KINGDOM

    The shopping mall is the place for A&F, suggest they consider Westfield, East (Stratford) or West (Shepherds Bush) but not Saville Row.

  10. Jonathan Ryder

    I’ve never commissioned a suit from a Saville Row tailor, but I like to know that it is there, attracting business from around the world – and I still hope that one day I might be lucky enough to be able to shop there.

  11. Alcea Alba UNITED STATES

    Please stop the madness – my father has been a tailor for various Savile Row establishments since the 60s and I can’t imagine the likes of him being replaced by shoddy rubbish sold at A&F

  12. Andrew Forsyth UNITED KINGDOM

    A disgrace to even entertain the idea of a ‘corporate blot’ on this world renowned, historical, London street.

  13. Brett Rowley UNITED STATES

    Preposterous, dear boy

  14. Alice Ruddle UNITED KINGDOM

    It is already widely believed in Europe that the British have no fashion sense, this opinion must not be encouraged by losing some of our greatest tailoring history.

  15. James Munday UNITED KINGDOM

    A&C is the utter hallmark of mass-produced rubbish (along with Primark and Superdry) and they want a store in the heart of British fine tailoring?
    Anyone considering letting this through is critically endangering the sanctity and heritage of Londons first-class, historical, unique, world renound craft centers. .

  16. Charles Gdf LUXEMBOURG

    How can this awful brand that is only a copy of The Gap pretends belonging to Savile Row ?? The world is going crazy folks…

  17. Andrew Shakespeare UNITED KINGDOM

    What next, Saville Row full of people queuing for the Next sale!?

  18. Elizabeth Holt

    Abercrombie and Fitch on Savile Row is an absurd and preposterous idea. It’s presence could only sully and water down the renowned street famous for quality tailoring. Surely A&F could find a better catchement area for their clientele, say nearer Oxford Street where the masses actually congregate.

  19. Stephane DANILOWIEZ

    People (should) have the power !

  20. Shawn CANADA

    So much history to be thrown away

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