Save The British Steel Industry

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Created October 28, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. frank allen UNITED KINGDOM

    To halt the demise of one the last great industries in the UK.

  2. Mr a blundell

    It would be lunacy to close the British steel industry,generally regarded as the best steel in Europe putting all yhose skilled people out of work,everything must be done to stop this ill thought out madness

  3. john walsh UNITED KINGDOM

    british steel has always been regarded as the best. we cannot lose our reputation and jobs.

  4. Carol Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    The steel industry we have left should be supported by our government instead of letting it die then us buying steel from another country. This government needs to step up if it doesn’t want to be seen as another conservative government that doesn’t care about our own industries. Echoes of the Thatcher years!

  5. George Boyd UNITED KINGDOM

    British steel is the best in the world so are British workers

  6. V p ryan UNITED KINGDOM

    Work for British people

  7. Vivien Edwards

    We have to keep some manufacturing jobs in this country

  8. Vivien Edwards

    We cannot afford to lose the last manufacturing industry of Britain

  9. Derek jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    We might be getting cheap steel now from China , when there is no more competition do you think the steel will still be cheap from China ?????? Come on !! We need to keep our steel mills making the best in the world , please tell everyone to sign this document , the government will learn , EVERYONE can’t be wrong …

  10. George boyd UNITED KINGDOM

    Save British manufacturing

  11. Terry seagreaves UNITED KINGDOM

    Got to keep some form of lndustry in this country for our young people. This gov are hellbent on destroying employment prospects for working class people to keep us down on our knees

  12. Ian Shennan UNITED KINGDOM

    Save the UK steel industry before it is too late.

  13. F.Somerville UNITED KINGDOM

    we have to look after what is sadly left of British industry

  14. Rona Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    Cannot believe the government is letting yet another heavy industry go west or should that be East !

  15. Rona Watson UNITED KINGDOM

    Already done so.

  16. Mrs P Allen UNITED KINGDOM

    Husband worked in steel industry


    Worked in steel industry for many years .Keep British Steel in Britain.

  18. Mary Cain UNITED KINGDOM

    To save jobs in already deprived areas.

  19. kenneth UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop all foreign steel imports now

  20. peter jones UNITED KINGDOM

    i have not heard of OR seen any other EU, Member States steel plants closing,Mr Cameron,please stop pretending to care about British Industry,

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