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Created August 12, 2010 by JASON


We the undersigned are opposed to any development taking place within the entirety of the woodland known as Racecourse Plantation, Brown’s Plantation and Belmore Plantation. We call upon Thorpe St Andrews Town Council and Broadland District Council to reject any proposals for their development and for the owners to withdraw their plans to build on this wildlife habitat and local green space.

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  1. Mary Hall FRANCE

    Keep up the good work! This email comes from SW France, I was born in Thorpe and know the woods well

  2. Debbie Foyster UNITED KINGDOM

    The woods are the lungs of Thorpe. They are are a peaceful sanctuary for wildlife and an amenity for all. It’s madness to strip our world and concrete it over.

  3. Debbie Foyster UNITED KINGDOM
  4. karen james UNITED KINGDOM

    one of the reasons I moved to Norfolk was because of the natuaral areas and the wildlife. Please do not become yet another concrete jungle by bulldozing every available green space

  5. Sally Duncan UNITED KINGDOM

    Irriplaceable – beautiful – educational – wildlife site

  6. Robert Wade UNITED KINGDOM

    green spaces such as this make our countryside what it is. One piece at a time the character of our landscape is being built over. This is an opportunity for the councils to prove that they care about this issue and are prepared to commit to it.

  7. Amanda Horner UNITED KINGDOM

    brownfield sites should be explored before even more destruction of our countryside.

  8. polly brown UNITED KINGDOM
  9. mike brown UNITED KINGDOM

    These woodlands and the biodiversity contained within them are too precious to lose. Once gone, we won’t get them back and what remaining green spaces we have need to be preserved.


    my 8 year old son was very upset that the woods could be lost and all the animals currently making their home there will also be lost. He is studying the impact of destruction of the rain forests but realised that its just as important to keep our local woods safe for the wildlife and us!

  12. david harper

    Because all these vast proposed new development sites for new homes are not/will not be required if all the illegal imigrants were kicked out from where they came and the doors closed to any future vast numbers intending to come here.


    Because.. when woodland (and the enormous bio-diversity that comes with it) is destroyed, there is no ‘going back’, the wildlife is lost forever, the destruction mindless vandalism, and for what purpose – to line some greed obsessed ‘fat cat’s’ pockets. Woodland and other natural spaces should be preserved – a lasting legacy to be enjoyed by future generations. Filthy money (which is what the developer will make) achieves nothing except an imbalance of wealth. In my book this development would be truly evil. Another point is we (Norfolk indeed the UK) needs to stabilize and encourage a decrease in population, not encourage population growth – we are a tiny group of islands heading towards being one great metropolis!!

  14. Danielle Rackham UNITED KINGDOM

    I believe the woodland benefits the whole community and provides a valuable natural resource.

  15. Chris Blackwell UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave some woodland areas alone, you have enough, these woodland areas are vital for so many reasons.

  16. Judith Baird UNITED KINGDOM
  17. Sara Moore UNITED KINGDOM

    Why is there a need to destroy woodland for rabbit hutch houses? The NDR will be used as an excuse to extend the housing developments, I wouldn’t mind but the developers squeeze as many houses as possible on the plots of land and build them poorly. There is no need to build on the woodland area,perhaps around it but it needs better infrastructure

  18. Jabe Armitage

    Thorpe Woodlands are a wonderful haven for a huge variety of wildlife. Thorpe is a very built up area, this Woodland is a valuable green space for adults and children to walk in and explore. It would be disasterous if this Woodland was built on. It is so peaceful, and relaxing. My family abd I regularly walk there. I also attend walks organised by the Tree Warden here which ate very educational and well attended.

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