Say I DO to Creekwood Gardens

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Created October 22, 2010 by Lisa


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  1. Mackenzie Cherry Fayetteville UNITED STATES
  2. Sarah Head Bentonville UNITED STATES
  3. Larissa McCraw

    Is there not an option of adding a separate drive to use? I don't believe a grumpy old man should be the cause of ruining hundreds of dreams for the brides to be.

  4. Lori Bova Springdale UNITED STATES

    We deliver rental items frequently to Creekwood Gardens and are always told to deliver through the field and not on the private drive. Our drivers always honor this request.

  5. Amanda Gittins Rogers UNITED STATES
  6. Deanna Scott Springdale, Ark UNITED STATES

    Do we really have to "BE AT THE MERCY OF OUR NEIGHBORS?" I hope not…what about Lisa's rights. Freedom of Assembly….I may be simplifying this…but it seems a simple matter to me. Hearsay and suscipians cannot dictate a city's approval or disapproval of someone's livelihood. Support Creekwood Gardens.

  7. Tracy Gallagher Fort Smith UNITED STATES
  8. Tiffany Webb Pea Ridge UNITED STATES
  9. Shandi Sandage Bentonville UNITED STATES

    This is a beautiful place. It would be a shame to close it down over something so silly!!!

  10. Kevin Sandage Bentonville UNITED STATES
  11. Jessica Meehan Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
  12. Bryan Crandall Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
  13. Bud Meehan Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
  14. Diana Meehan Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
  15. Loretta Mansell Springdale UNITED STATES

    I am so disappointed in the city of Rogers. The ones who opposed this have obviously never been on this cute and adorable property. It is an enhancement to the city. It brings people in- they are here for a calm and joyous activity,they make memories with family and friends, and then leave thinking this place in Rogers is adorable. It would be a real shame to lose this quaint piece of paradise because all the facts were not looked into correctly. As a former guest, I'd be happy to share more comments – feel free to contact me at 479-466-3944. I know that when it comes to misinformed driveway rights vs. a good business and several people's livelihoods at stake, the city will surely do what's right.

  16. Elizabeth Morris Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
  17. Bryson Cleveland UNITED STATES
  18. Jason Mitchell Fayetteville UNITED STATES
  19. Trent Budder Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
  20. Missy Couch Siloam Springs UNITED STATES
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