School Road Safety In Long Ditton

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Created July 10, 2012 by David Williams


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  1. David Williams

    a vital improvement

  2. Lucie Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    Something needs to be done before there is an accident and a child is hurt.

  3. Mrs V Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    About time this road had a 20mile an hour restriction on it.

  4. Corinne knight UNITED KINGDOM

    We need a crossing outside the school for safer crossing also cars do come down this road very fast. We need safer crossing to the school for our children.

  5. V Fieldgate UNITED KINGDOM

    We definitely need a zebra crossing and slower cars. Thanks for organising.

  6. antonia walder UNITED KINGDOM

    couldn’t agree more, as usual the council are waiting for an accident before implementing the necessary measures.

  7. Karen Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    Why have you only got 2 signatures so far? This is a worthy case and you need to spread the word virally…. via Thames Ditton today Facebook page and any other local facebook pages…and most importantly via the school mums and the PTA…

  8. claire mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    We are in desperate need of a crossing and a lower speed limit, its only a matter of time before something disastrous is going to happen. The road is getting busier and people are becoming more inconsiderate with their driving.

  9. Emma Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    This has been an issue for MANY years and now needs to be resolved for the safety of the children.


    A safety must!

  11. Tiffany Dowling UNITED KINGDOM

    Definitely needs doing.

  12. scott mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    Surely the safeguarding of young children in our area is worth the outlay this may cost the council. The only objection they could possibly raise would be funding. However this would be a one off expense that keeps the children that will attend long ditton school safe for many years to come.

  13. Sukina Butcher

    My little boy starts school there in September and there definitely needs to be a crossing there. The cars do speed past and even though there are signs the school is tucked away around the bend so some drivers are not aware of the school. A very good cause.

  14. Jackie Bourne UNITED KINGDOM

    There is a 20mph limit further up Ditton Hill (Surbiton), yet this does not extend to where it matters most – outside the school!

  15. Nicole Matson UNITED KINGDOM

    I fully support this and I have a child at the school. But all roads by schools should have a 20mph speed limit.

  16. Ruth Mitchell UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s not only the school but venturing out of St Mary’s road crossroads at the bottom of the hill or, Kings Road is a nightmare. Cars come down the hill too quickly and take no notice that the road between St Mary’s and Fleece Road is congested with cars parked on both sides, a busy pub and the school. Rather than a 20mph zone, which people often ignore, I would like to see some physical traffic control in place.

  17. Councillor Toni Izard UNITED KINGDOM

    We could also start slowing the traffic down sooner if a few people would volunteer for Speed Gun Training. This would enable us to build a body of information about speeding in the area to present to the Councils, whilst also identifying the car drivers who regularly speed along our roads, enabling the police to deal with them. For more information and to sign up, contact PC Dawn Overington by phoning 101 or email her on I know some have signed up already, but the police need 10 names on the list to start the training.

  18. Ross Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    that road is frightening and the cars make it narrow making an incident more likely as it’s a rat run.
    20 MPH and a crossing is sensible and will prevent a horrible loss.

  19. Caroline Cheales UNITED KINGDOM

    whole heartedly support your campaign.

  20. Katie Wright UNITED KINGDOM

    Great idea David; insensible that the school up the road has a 20 mph limit when the one at the bottom of the hill doesn’t…

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