Shortfalls To Care Funding and Related Issues

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Created December 1, 2012 by Elizabeth Martin


Care for vulnerable adults and children are of immense importance and should rate high on government expenditure to allow local councils to fund this care. There have been recent cuts to funding and i feel this will increase

I refer to the following groups who require funding to secure nursing and social care in the community

1/special needs children & adults (including disability & mental illness)
2/children and adults suffering chronic and end of life conditions
3/the elderly and frail (including those with dementia)


So often relatives are up against a continual maze and fight to obtain care and journey for long periods of time before funds are released to allow them respite

So often children juggle school and ‘being a child’ with caring for a parent or relative

Sometimes the result of reduced care and respite can cause illness of carer and even result in abuse against the patientmeans testing is a tool to determine those who have sufficient means to pay for care example for private care £18 an hour /different rates for varying care requested

Many elderly go without care as they worry money will not last

When are we going to make a stand against this deplorable situation? When will david cameron notice our distress? Do we care enough to take time to sign? I recently had a petition for same reason which sadly did not get desired response this was:
epetitions. Direct. Gov. UK/petitions/38086
If you signed this thank you & please now consider signing this

I believe there are ways to cut back on spending but not involving care for those suffering illness and disability

Please join me in letting our prime minister know how we feel

Thank you

There are currently 576 signatures for this petition:

  1. Phil Magovern UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Alan Duffell UNITED KINGDOM

    I wish to live in a liberal democracy where the poor and the vulnerable are not punished for the acts & the self interests of the greedy

  3. coral hart UNITED STATES
  4. Amanda Morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    without carers the NHS and families would collapse.

  5. Bob Morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    without my carer, I would have had to go into hospital for several weeks, putting additional pressure and strain on an already exhausted NHS system.

  6. Sue Almond SPAIN

    There are other ways to cut costs and raise funds without penalising the people already amongst the worse off. The wealthy politicians and decision makers insult us by acting as if they believe we are stupid enough to believe their lies. Try the Robin Hood Tax for a start and leave those who need care and their carers alone, or even better, increase their asssitance.

  7. shoshana willetts GERMANY

    care is
    C ompassion A ctivly R eaching E veryone

  9. Jane Hersey UNITED KINGDOM
  10. jane hersey UNITED KINGDOM

    Because vulnerable people have been neglected for too long and this government is taking everything from them.

  11. Linda Kilpatrick UNITED KINGDOM

    we have a duty of care to the most vulnerable in society so must not allow any government to abuse them.

  12. jackie postance

    too much care funding is being cut for my liking david Cameron talks about this big society he wants he makes any more cuts in the uk then there will be NO big society

  13. Gary Rudland UNITED KINGDOM

    As a nation we need to act with responsibly and care in short supply under this government

  14. Chris Lynas UNITED KINGDOM

    You judge a society on how it treats it’s less fortunate citizens

  15. sarah rose UNITED KINGDOM
  16. Helen Mitchell

    It is their right!!

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