Shortfalls To Care Funding and Related Issues

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Created December 1, 2012 by Elizabeth Martin


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There are currently 576 signatures for this petition:

  1. liz Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    This is my petition please join me in signing it Thank you

  2. Mike Bradbury UNITED KINGDOM

    Please no more cuts !

  3. Kevin Longmore UNITED KINGDOM

    Keep fighting against these merciless cuts

  4. David Jobson UNITED KINGDOM

    We need greater support for those who really need it.


    Caring is more than full time job – too many families are struggling

  6. Jodie James UNITED KINGDOM

    I am a carer for both my autistic son and husband who has mental health problems (i also have a toddler to care for) and I want NO more cuts!!! I am cracking under the strain. Please sign!

  7. Stephen Hadley UNITED KINGDOM

    This petition needs the full support of everyone as none of us knows what awaits us in health future>

  8. Anne Jaques-Morgan UNITED KINGDOM

    No more cuts

  9. Helen Jones

    Hopefully I’ve signed and it’s been accepted this time?!

  10. Helen Jones

    Trying again!!!!!!!

  11. M.Hillwood NETHERLANDS

    More and more vulnerable people like elderly and mentally ill go without the care they need while the rich get richer, Theres defenitely something very wrong in this country and that needs to change.

  12. Tamara West UNITED KINGDOM

    Cuts in this sector is having a devastating effect.

  13. DonnaDale UNITED KINGDOM

    Vulnerable people need help not cuts

  14. Jenny Stewart UNITED KINGDOM

    Please stop the cuts, xxx jenny

  15. Amanda Brooks UNITED KINGDOM

    No more cuts!

  16. Michelle allan UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree with the comments. A small amount of funding can make a world of difference and some help when needed can help solve problems with caring for someone before they become big problems and require more expensive solutions e.g. A weeks respite could encourage a carer to continue instead of someone going into a home/ hospital

  17. Lily Jones GERMANY

    Vulnerable people need support, not cuts & people making life more difficult for them.

  18. Peter Burrows UNITED KINGDOM

    these services merit funding ,they are vital to there quality of life

  19. Samantha Porter UNITED KINGDOM

    I would happily pay more tax to help this area of care that suffers drastic shortfall in funding. Samantha J Porter BSc,

  20. Karl Hawkins UNITED KINGDOM

    These services are vital. Please Mr Cameron reconsider.

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