Shortfalls To Care Funding and Related Issues

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Created December 1, 2012 by Elizabeth Martin


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  1. Mrs Jackie Dowley UNITED KINGDOM

    This affects myself and my family in a personal way. My son requires 24hrs a day care 7days a week. Everything we have found out is always because we have had to fight through Red Tape and Protocols to get the information that we need to represent him in the right way. Day to day life should not be as hard as it is, but you have to keep on keeping on to get anywhere. The System is all wrong, money going to Care Managers that half the time don’t manage or even care particularly, and in my experience have more days on annual leave than spend working. The Funding should be being spent where it is needed and thats directly to those in need of vital care. We as carers who look after relatives, neighbours etc already save the Government Millions and millions of pounds so isn’t it time you stopped cuts in this area, gave carers and those in need a break, before you wear us all out and have to find placements for people at extra expence.

  2. Elizabeth

    I do care unlike PM


    we need to stand together no matter where in UK we are

  4. Ian Beckett UNITED KINGDOM
  5. cvaricak UNITED KINGDOM

    everyone will need to be cared for sometime(s) during their lifetime.


    Because I need the support of carers to be able to survive. And so do hundreds of thousands of others.

  7. Dawn Fidler UNITED KINGDOM
  8. rebecca de smet UNITED KINGDOM

    Some of the community suffer and are isolated.

  9. Sharon Hingley UNITED KINGDOM
  10. Pamela Metcalf UNITED KINGDOM
  11. charles gate
  12. Rose Devereux UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Lee Jenkins
  14. Kate MacDonald UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Karen Badcock GERMANY
  16. Jane Leach
  17. Matthew Doye UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Anthony Leach
  19. Jennifer Downs
  20. Jane Evans UNITED KINGDOM
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