Shortfalls To Care Funding and Related Issues

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Created December 1, 2012 by Elizabeth Martin


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  1. alison roberts UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Mandy Brindle

    some services have to stay statutory to ensure quality

  3. Sara Lloyd UNITED KINGDOM

    Our vulnerable must not suffer due to government cuts in funding

  4. alison roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    Alot of people will suffer due to these cuts

  5. Gemma McGreal UNITED KINGDOM

    Leave the most vulnerable members of our society alone. We are currently running a campaign to save a special needs day centre from closing.

    Enough is enough!

  6. Helen Williamson UNITED KINGDOM

    it affects the most vulnerable in our society. They need help above all.

  7. Grace Murphy UNITED KINGDOM

    carers give up so much to care for others. They need all the help they can get. This is the right thing to do!

  8. Grace Murphy UNITED KINGDOM

    carers care for the vulnerable. It is the right thing to do.

  9. julie halliwell UNITED KINGDOM

    carers are a vital point to people who use them, i was a full time carer when my husband was diagnosed with cancer,i know how hard these people work. what would we do without them? THEY ARE A VITAL PART OF LIFE & INVAUABLE INPUT TO SOCIETY

  10. Stephen Brown UNITED KINGDOM

    Vulnerable people will die – my brother could not survive alone if i didn’t look after him, take a look at a handicapped person and think to yourself, there for the grace of God go I.

  11. Sandra Graham UNITED KINGDOM

    care in the community is an important service that is needed to help and promote independant living.. leave it alone..

  12. Gemma ward
  13. Liz Eckersley UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Vickie Allerton UNITED KINGDOM

    I care

  16. Elizabeth Spradbery UNITED KINGDOM

    Because we don’t need more cuts for care for the vulnerable – that’s a disgrace.

  17. Marcus Wilder UNITED KINGDOM

    this government is he’ll bent on making the richer even more rich, the poor even poorer and penalising the most vulnerable in our communities with cuts but managing to “find” 8-10 million pounds to pay for a muti-millionaires funeral is just plain WRONG

  18. Maria Bennett AUSTRIA

    I care….

  19. Julia Larden UNITED KINGDOM

    it would have been hard for my parents to have remained until the end, happy in their own home despite dementia, without state-funded are.

  20. Mark Sargeant UNITED KINGDOM
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