Shortfalls To Care Funding and Related Issues

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Created December 1, 2012 by Elizabeth Martin


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    Because I care

  2. Martyn Feather

    I am a carer for my elderly Mum who has dementia…

  3. Ann Barlow UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Albert Boakes UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Peter Wyatt UNITED KINGDOM

    it is frightening to see how this Govt is ruthlessly trashing our services & using propaganda/lies to convince the Electorate this is the only solution when it is not!

  7. Rose Seabury UNITED KINGDOM
  8. hamini mcgill UNITED KINGDOM
  9. sara monk UNITED KINGDOM

    Helping the Vulnerable matters.

  10. sara monk UNITED KINGDOM

    helping others is what matters.

  11. Martha Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to support our most vulnerable to protect their rights

  12. Ruth McBain UNITED KINGDOM
  13. Martha Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to be the voice of our most vulnerable in community facing cuts to care

  14. Pam Abbott UNITED KINGDOM

    once again vulnerable people are bearing the brunt of a Government that seeks to protect the interests of bankers and big business organisations. Tax avoidance, mega bankers bonuses etc etc and in the meantime vulnerable people are using food banks to survive. What a legacy for the ConDems.

  15. Craig Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s important the funding stays. Without it, the vulnerable will really suffer!

  16. Helen Williamson UNITED KINGDOM

    the vulnerable need care not cuts!

  17. Craig Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    Because.. People’s care funding is vital, without it people will suffer and even die.

  18. Craig Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    The People who need care, don’t get enough support as it is.

  19. Craig Morris UNITED KINGDOM

    It’s important that people receive the right care, Stifling their funds will cause them to suffer more.

  20. Daniel Storr UNITED KINGDOM
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