Skybar unlimited drinks deal

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Created June 14, 2009 by emma

Human Rights

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  1. manning james UNITED KINGDOM
  2. david bedson basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    this is a joke

  3. Jordan Lyons Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    What On Earth!!!!!
    It was the most orgasmic deal in town.
    I bet he is just jelious because he didnt think of it =]

  4. Elwood Blues Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    Yo, Bring it back and ill maby sing Soulman live for you guys.

  5. Sean Mckean Langdon hills UNITED KINGDOM

    no comment

  6. jade wilson basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    bring back the deal…everyfin is pricey as it is… just let us enjoy this plz xx


    Come On! You Have To Allow Skybar Basildon To Change The Prices Back To How They Were!.

  8. Beth Lee wickford UNITED KINGDOM
  9. william stribling basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    i believe this is unfair and is sour grapes from the other clubs who are losing business from this deal which gives a lot of people a very enjoyable night

  10. Maria Grice Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring back the all inclusive

  11. chelsea miler basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    bring it back

  12. Jon Spicer UNITED KINGDOM

    Outrageous! I hope whoever made this decision gets the sack, as if things arent expensive enough these days we can't even have good offers anymore.

  13. charlotte adams canvey island UNITED KINGDOM
  14. Bradley Jones Basildon UNITED KINGDOM

    BRING IT BACK!! Nights out just aren't the same with out it. :(

  15. cook denis tilbury UNITED KINGDOM
  16. ashley sanderson chafford UNITED KINGDOM

    bring it back……….

  17. morgen blower romford UNITED KINGDOM
  18. krystle hudson basildon UNITED KINGDOM
  19. Ashleigh Clack Chafford 100 UNITED KINGDOM

    Bring it back.

  20. Jessica Louise James Grays UNITED KINGDOM

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!

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