Statement in support of student direct action in Leeds

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Created December 3, 2010 by Stuart


As workers (and former workers) at educational institutions across Leeds, we wish to express our support for the occupation of the Michael Sadler Building currently under way at the University of Leeds. This is a critical moment for the future of higher education and young people all over the country are courageously leading the fightback. We urge the University to take note of their demands, not to penalise or victimise those taking part in anyway, or use force against the students involved in the occupation. We urge the Vice-Chancellor to express vocal opposition to the current government's destructive agenda for higher education and to join the anti-fees movement.

There are currently 71 signatures for this petition:

  1. Ryan Preston Yeadon UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Adam Thomas Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Giulia Scuderi Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Chiara Tornaghi Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Barney Thompson Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Harriet Notman Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Rebecca Winstanley Leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  8. Nick Williams UNITED KINGDOM
  9. John Holloway Puebla MEXICO

    The good news of the occupation has just reached Mexico, so lots of support from here.

    Education now can only mean educating for the survival of humanity and that means fighting against the rule of money. The point of the cuts is just the opposite: to subordinate the universities ever more tightly to the dynamic of money which is human suicide. We must fight the cuts, not to defend the universities but to transform them.

    Rage, rage, rage: rage against the rule of money.

    Best wishes,

    John Holloway

  10. Lisa Hitchins-Samson Harrogate UNITED KINGDOM
  11. Christian Garland UNITED KINGDOM

    The occupation of Leeds and other UK universities is absolutely vital in contesting and fighting the Con-Dem government's decimation of higher education and the seeming acquiesence of senior management in this neoliberal offensive, which if not stopped threatens to reduce British universities to nothing more than market-focused production lines. Such a production line would impose the quantification and measurement of what cannot be quantified or measured – thought.

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