Stop Parking Enforcement At 1-18 Belvedere Mews

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Created September 25, 2015 by Davina


Vote today for your right to continued STRESS FREE, FREE PARKING at 1-18 Belvedere Mews SE15 3LT.

There have been parking issues over the years and residents have always come together to resolve any issues. The latest issue resolved being non-residents parking along entrance and at times in bays.

The new proposed enforced controls are not here to safeguard the resident but instead penalise the resident their family and friends. L & Q’s Tenancy Agreement terms and condition begins by saying “we want you to enjoy living in your L & Q home”, however their latest action goes against this.

Any driver knows just how costly, stressful and restrictive parking in London can be, so why accept this at your home for your family, friends and yourselves; enforced parking restrictions 24 hours per day 7 days a week, tickets at £100, no visitors parking and permit charges.

This company has been authorised by L & Q but once in place L & Q will not be involved with any parking disputes between the resident and the parking enforcement company; it will just be like parking anywhere else, pay it, contest it or go through the lengthy uncertain process of a formal challenge.

Please note the majority of Nunhead does not have parking restrictions, because we do not want or need  them.

Vote for your right to continued STRESS FREE, FREE PARKING at 1-18 Belvedere Mews SE15 3LT

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    As a resident I do not want parking enforcement/restrictions/charges at 1-18 Belvedere Mews SE15.

  2. Naomi

    Stop it now before it goes any further. In 3 years from now you’ll be paying £150 or more per year to park outside your home. NO TO PARKING RESTRICTIONS!


    26/09/2015 at 6:44 pm
    I do not agree with the proposal as it will have an everlasting negaitive impact on the residences and their visitors.

    Once this has been implemented it will definately be good bye to the parking freedom now enjoyed by residences and their visitors
    Stop this propsal now

  4. Jacqueline Brissett UNITED KINGDOM

    We have been asking for a gate which was approved several years ago. Parking enforcement is a way of getting more money out of tenants. When the idea was first muted concerning parking permits there were no cost involved to tenants now there is a cost. Once floodgates are open this cost will continue to rise. We already pay rent and maintenance why should we be penalised due to people from surrounding areas parking in the mews which in turn obstructs waste disposal via the council and creates health and safety hazard if there is a fire and the fire brigade were not able to get into the mews.

  5. Jacqueline Brissett UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a bad idea. We are being penalised for the people in the surrounding area parking in the mews causing often causing obstruction for waste to be collected by the council’s bin operatives.

    It was agreed that we would have a gate fitted which would have resolved the issues we as tenants face. We should not have to park to park where we live we already pay rent and maintenance. The costs will only continue to raise to the detriments of tenants and should cease.

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