Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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  1. Penny Green UNITED KINGDOM

    The name of Dr Sheehan and his team has often come to my attention over the years of my involvement in the Down’s Syndrome community and I know that he is held in very high reagrd by parents across the UK. Finding an ENT specialist with specific knowledge and understanding of the issues children with Down’s Syndrome can have is very difficult and it would be a great loss to families if this expertise was lost.


    Ella is under Dr Sheehan and I was saddened to hear he was having to leave Manchester Children’s hospital and move the clinic to North Manchester Hospital. He is a well respected professional within the DS community. The Children’s hospital should be supporting this essential service provided by a well respected doctor (who they should be wanting to be associated with). Well done Penny for starting this, I know from my own research (and wanting to gain support for keeping the clinic myself) that there are a lot of families willing to do whatever it takes to keep this vital and well used service for our children.

  3. Lisa Green UNITED KINGDOM

    It is already near impossible to get any kind of expert help for children with down syndrome so why close one of the few clinics (if even the only one!) available for our children?!

  4. wayne taylor UNITED KINGDOM

    signing this on behalf of friends who i know who have children with down syndrome and that have been helped ,seems a shame that something that as a positive is being took away

  5. Elaine Odonnell UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree 100% with Lisa Green

  6. dawn hollis UNITED KINGDOM

    cant believe what im hearing/reading, my daughter was fitted with grommets 3yrs ago & is now ready for new ones (in the next 6months), by Mr Sheehan & his team,surely this service should not be closed, with out it young chidren will struggle to develop well, as hearing is such an important part!!! i support this petition

  7. Sophia Tobin UNITED KINGDOM

    This resource is vital for Down’s Syndrome children. It should not be closed.

  8. Tracey Bone

    Without The specialism in this clinic my son would be required to attend a local clinic which has no idea about his ENT problems. They refused to remove his Tonsils & Adenoids as they we oblivious to the major issues they were causing my son. If it wasn’t for Mr Sheehan my son would still have major sleep apnoea. My local ENT were quite happy for him to stop breathing every few minutes because of his enlarged tonsils.

  9. Sheila Rutland

    Anything that helps our youngsters needs to be saved, as there are so few resources for them as it is!

  10. Catherine Holt UNITED KINGDOM

    It is vital that our children have a clinic that monitors their ENT problems regularly by someone that has a vast knowledge of children with Downs Syndrome. One issue is hearing loss in our children which has a knock on effect on speech and behaviour. The children need constant monitoring to ensure they are hearing the best way possible, whether that be having grommets fitted, hearing aids or implants. Without the DS clinic our children will be having to wait months and months for appointments and even then seen by clinicians that may have little knowledge of Downs Syndrome … my friends son’s appointment has just been put off till january (should have been this month), so if he needs grommets fitting he is not going to get the benefit of having them over the winter months when they are most prone to glue ear and hearing loss. Whilst under anaesthetic Mr Sheehan always gives he child a check over, checking their tonsils, adenoids and will remove them if need be to help with sleeping and nasal problems. I am very worried about the clinic closing and how it will effect the progress of our children, especially my own son who is struggling with his speech and behaviour and grommets have definitely helped.

  11. Julie Rees UNITED KINGDOM

    Its bad enough with normal health cuts…This is outrageous, so few specialists are available to Down Syndrome children and now 1 more less?? This should be stopped in its tracks.

  12. Matthew bone

    It makes no sense to close this clinic, its become so popular from the amazing work from Mr Sheehan that helps many families with children that have problems no other local clinic understand or seem to care about. Without this clinic it will be harder to get the right level of care without it being more about budgets then the health of the child/children.
    Once again it seems like cost comes before the health of children.

  13. Kelly Mathias

    This is a vital service for children with Down’s Syndrome and Dr Sheehan is the only real expert in this field in the whole country!

  14. Jacqui Grady UNITED KINGDOM

    The service offered to the families of children who have DS by Dr Sheehan and his team is so necessary to helping them to develop and reach their full potential. Speaking from personal experience the advice and support gained from this clinic has increased awareness of how my child can be helped to develop communication by ensuring his hearing impairment is monitored and treated, and lots of information on accessing training to aid education and break down barriers to learning and participation. Please don’t close this vital service.

  15. Kelly Herrick UNITED KINGDOM

    Closing this centre when it’s so benifical
    To So many is a disgrace !

  16. Christine Stringfellow UNITED KINGDOM

    Please rethink this costing exercise.

  17. Niomi Jinks

    Too many hospitals are getting closed down due to financial cuts, faults of the government not being able to do their jobs properly. So many children are helped enormously through the specialist team at this hospital. Save the lives of children, our next generation by saving this hospital.

  18. Sheila Griffiths UNITED KINGDOM

    Fed up of hearing about closures and cuts – when will people come first?

  19. Jo Gunther UNITED KINGDOM

    Terrible decision for such a vital service.

  20. Diane Edwards

    How can they justify the closure of such a vital service?

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