Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Olusola Otiti

    This resource is vital for Down’s Syndrome children. It should not be closed.

  2. louise smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop the closure

  3. Tracey Stott UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop the closure of a very important North West Service

  4. Ruth Patil

    This service should be continued as it is the only truly specialist service in the country.

  5. zoe hamilton UNITED KINGDOM

    This service is so important please dont close.

  6. Jane Stapleton UNITED KINGDOM

    This team have helped my family a great deal and we continue to need their help.

  7. Rebecca Baldry UNITED KINGDOM

    This clinic is clearly a well used and well respected service. Please consider keeping it open.

  8. Jane McIlveen

    This specialist service is vital to the care and treatment of our children. It should be made more readily available to families across the UK rather than closing it down.


    It is essential specialist treatment is readily available and accessible. My amazing eleven months old downs grandson lives in Malta. The treatment he receives for all his problems including ear are second to non. Malta is a small country without the resources of the UK yet they realise the importance of first class facilities and provide them

  10. Ben Cook

    Ridiculous cuts to essential services need to stop.

  11. Liam Purcell

    Please protect this vital resource.

  12. Karin Crimmins UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m signing this because my daughter’s audiologists have finally listened to us and are going to contact this clinic to find out the best way to help her, because Patrick Sheehan has been so helpful to our family providing information that we could not get elsewhere and because I know this clinic has helped so many people with a very specialist problem, please reconsider

  13. Helena Cannon UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not close this unit

  14. Alan Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    Charlotte is 3 and really needs the continuity that this service provides.

  15. Margaret Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    It is vitally important that Mr Sheehan’s clinic continues for the children with Downs Syndrome

  16. Heather Upton UNITED KINGDOM

    This is a vital service. Without good hearing and a goods night sleep, children with Downs Syndrome would not acheive anywhere near their full potential. Children need to be able to hear, to learn. Patrick Sheehan offers a unique service with a wealth of experience, expertise and advice for which he is nationally renown. This is a necessity not a luxury. Our daughter has benefitted immeasurably from this service and it would be a huge step backwards for society as a whole if this service was denied to other children.

  17. steve edge UNITED KINGDOM

    General Hospitals do not in the main understand complications associated with Down’s Syndrome. Any specialist unit has to be maintained.

  18. Richard Parry UNITED KINGDOM

    Please review the decision to close this clinic in light of this petition

  19. Mariana Cervantes-Burchell UNITED KINGDOM

    I am shocked to hear of the attempts to close the ENT Clinic run by Mr Sheehan. I appeal to your sense and to your understanding to realise just what a crucial service this is for innumerable children and young people with Down’s Syndrome. To have specialists who understand the specific ENT needs of our children, and who know how to best help them and their families is a crucial service, that fulfils immediate well being needs as well as providing invaluable tools for the development of children with Down’s Syndrome. It should be a right, and not a privilege for families to access such a service, and your hospital would best fulfil its duties by ensuring that it meets these needs. I would further invite you to feel proud to be able to provide this service, which stands out in England among families who have children with Down’s Syndrome. Thank you.

  20. Angela Rees

    Protect this important service.

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