Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Michaela Bloom UNITED KINGDOM

    I am signing this because one of my friend’s little boys has been helped enormously by this clinic. I am saddened that not only is this clinic to be closed, but that no reason has been given to the families that derive support from it for their children. Please re-think this – these children need this clinic and the doctors and nurses that work there.

  2. Chiara Mallia UNITED KINGDOM

    I am signing this petition as the son of friends has received invaluable and holistic support from the clinic. NHS services for vulnerable children and young people need to be ringfenced and protected, not closed.


    I understand from friends whose child attends Mr Sheehan’s clinic that it is an vital resource and a centre of excellence for children with DS giving them skilled support to manage their sons eating and hearing difficulties and an essential place where they feel there is value given to the holistic management of their children’s care. I would like to add my support to this campaign to allow the service to remain and provide much needed services for a vulnerable group of young people.

  4. sally wheeldon UNITED KINGDOM

    This speciaiist unit must remain open

  5. sally wheeldon UNITED KINGDOM

    This speciaiist unit must remain open and fully functioning

  6. Patricia Baxter UNITED KINGDOM

    A vital service which should be retained.

  7. Helen Pare UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m signing because this clinic has helped a good friend and many others she knows with very specialised advice and information.

  8. Sue Harvey

    These specialist clinics are needed, too many closing causing people to travel great distances for treatment

  9. Louise Beattie UNITED KINGDOM

    Essential services for children such as having Down’s Syndrome should not be closed,

  10. Laura Gledhill UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t close this important service.


    I support this petition

  12. Jillian Humphry UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t close this important service.

  13. Gemma Carroll UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t close this service

  14. Kathryn Messina UNITED KINGDOM

    People need this service- its far too important to close!

  15. annette ellis UNITED KINGDOM

    Vital service, should not be closed

  16. Sonya Healy UNITED KINGDOM

    Specialist services like this are so important and should be supported in every way possible to maintain excellent standards of care in our communities. Please do not close this servive.

  17. Suzanne Cocks GERMANY

    Serious reflection needs to be made over this! This service is too valuable to dispose of.

  18. Steven Cann

    I am saddened to hear about the possible closure of this clinic which is obviously doing stirling work to help children with downs syndrome. I urge the hospital to reconsider its decision.

  19. Stephanie Henry

    My son was a patient of Dr Sheehan and thankfully he was able to cure most of his ENT problems. Although he is no longer under his care, I always felt reassured that this service was available should he need it again.

  20. Ali Hetherington UNITED KINGDOM

    it is vital that specialist resources such as this remain open

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