Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Ruth flecknell UNITED KINGDOM

    Money or lack of it should never influence the necessities for anyone with any condition needing treatment

  2. Becky Salvage UNITED KINGDOM

    I hope the hospital will reconsider their decision and understand that children should never be put in a position where their care is compromised.

  3. Karen Marsh

    ENT problems can seriously affect the development of children, especially those with special needs. It is vitally important that this element of their care is fully integrated with their total care plan. Mr Sheehan and his team have provided outstanding care to my grand daughter and the hospital should be applauding their efforts not treating them as an easy cost cutting target.

  4. EV Voltura NEW ZEALAND

    Please do not shut down such a vital service to the community. As children who are affected by Down’s Syndrome are even more at risk to various health issues, it is very important that clinics such as this remain able to support them and their amazing families! Please reconsider your decision!

  5. Tom Swinscoe UNITED KINGDOM

    I understand that there is considerable constraints placed on the NHS budget from government but questions must be asked when tax payers money goes towards less beneficial projects such as nuclear deterrents! Please join the petition and support projects that we can actually benefit from!

  6. Rebecca Kenyon UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not shut this vital service down.

  7. Sandra Karl UNITED KINGDOM

    This is an issue that many of us are at least indirectly affected by! Please join the petition for such a good case!!

  8. Chloe E Thompson UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck!

  9. Terry Harris UNITED KINGDOM

    Please stop the health care cuts


    Hope it makes a difference.

  11. Charlotte Siggers

    Crucial service to many families and should remain in the north west and continue their excellent work.

  12. Mrs Patricia Ridings UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t close our Downs Syndrome Children need this

  13. revd Jonathan Ford

    I do hope you will think again on this issue


    please think again on this issue

  15. Alice GERMANY

    Please consider the evident high demand for this clinic before making a decision on its closure

  16. Jessica Tweddle


  17. Lisa rawstron UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter has been under the care of dr Sheehan since birth. I have only just this minute heard of this closure of the Manchester clinic.
    It seems this government is failing our children… My local hospital closed not so long ago, portage and learning together services are ceasing. There are shortages of staff through out all of the services my daughter uses. This decision needs to be seriously re thought!!!!

  18. jill salvage UNITED KINGDOM

    please reconsider this closure. it is the NHS’s duty of care to ensure the most vulnerable people in society are given the opportunity to reach their full potential

  19. Elaine Baldry UNITED KINGDOM

    I am very glad to help parents with special needs children get all the help they can.

  20. Arthur Baldry UNITED KINGDOM

    Good luck with the petition!

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