Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Lynne Hobbs UNITED KINGDOM

    As a mother of a child with Downs Syndrome these centres are vital! Please rethink the closure, listen to what people want and keep open.


    Signing this on behalf of a friend who has a child with Doen syndrome

  3. Kim Walker

    This service is needed!

  4. Deborah Hiom UNITED KINGDOM

    Very disappointed to hear about this. A very valuable service and highly valued by parents.

  5. Philip Crank UNITED KINGDOM

    Required Service, pls don’t close it down

  6. Donna Myers UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t close this vital service.

  7. Luke Grace

    Vital service to loose

  8. fiona grace UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t close this much needed service

  9. fiona grace UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t close this vital service

  10. Kaitlyn Grace

    Please re think, i need this to help me in life.

  11. Matt Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not remove this vital and scarce resource for families and children with Down’s Syndrome. Mr Sheehan’s skills and expertise are nationally renowned. You are very luck to have him in Manchester.

  12. Leanne dooley

    Children with down syndrome benefit so much from this clinic, it is a vital service. Please don’t close it down.

  13. Emma Sumner

    Emma Sumner (Family Officer)
    National Deaf Children’s Society

  14. Mary Robinson FRANCE

    The procedure has made a huge difference to your granddaughter. This clinic must not be closed.

  15. Susan Donald UNITED KINGDOM

    Please reconsider closing this valued service accessed by many families in the North West

  16. Dr Amy Evans UNITED KINGDOM

    I am really sad and disappointed that Mr Sheehan’s clinic is under threat. It has given our friend’s son who has Downs Syndrome valuable help in examining some of his eating and hearing issues, making a hugely significant difference to his life and to their family. This planned closure will make young people with Downs Syndrome wait longer, travel further and receive less care than they already are subject to. Please listen to the voices of the patients and families who find this service so vital.

  17. Chris Haigh UNITED KINGDOM

    It will be a really sad day when this clinic closes as it has provided invaluable support to Cheshire West families with Down’s children.

  18. Jackie Caddick UNITED KINGDOM

    It would be a great shame should this service close. Please reconsider and keep the service open.

  19. Julia Buckingham

    This seems an important resource

  20. E Clark

    Access to resources for children with Downs is limited this now makes it harder. Please can you reconsider.

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