Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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  1. Helen McCann UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t take away the only ENT service which meets our children’s needs. It took months to get our first appointment and now we have to be re-referred any may not get seen at all. Local generic ENT is just not good enough.

  2. Rachel Rauer UNITED KINGDOM

    Do not close , its obv there for a reason

  3. Kay underwood UNITED KINGDOM

    This clinic plays an important role, I suggest it’s closure is re-thought!

  4. Rachel Henshaw UNITED KINGDOM

    I am both angered and saddened to learn that Dr Sheehan’s DS ENT clinic faces closure. My 3yr old son Max has benefitted greatly from Dr Sheehan’s ENT expertise in relation to his significant hearing loss and recently got his soft band BAHA. It was lovely to meet a health professional who fully understands the needs of our children and the issues we as parents face…PLEASE SAVE THIS MUCH NEEDED CLINIC

  5. Neil Brown

    This is a vital service and should not be closed.

  6. Louisa Conroy UNITED KINGDOM

    Hope the petition helps

  7. Ian tyrrell-marsh UNITED KINGDOM

    The royal Manchester childrens hospital is supposedly a specialist tertiary referral centre. How they can justify relocating an essential service for one of the most common problems in one of the most common genetic disorders is beyond me.

  8. Sarah Maitland Parks UNITED KINGDOM

    I have 2 hearing aids at the age of 48. They have made such a difference to my life. No one should have any difficulties placed in the way of improving their hearing as quickly and easily as possible.

  9. Julia Fitzsimmons

    I can’t believe they’re thinking of closing this clinic. Mr Sheehan is the only doctor my daughter sees who is an expert in children with down syndrome. Please keep this clinic open.

  10. janine williams UNITED KINGDOM

    This place is NEEDED, do not close it.

  11. alison oliver UNITED KINGDOM

    i was digusted yesterday my son had an appointment with mr sheehan only to be told hes isnt there i was disgusted my son has been under mr sheehan for 4 yrs now i wasnt going to explain to the consultant i saw yesterday of 4 yrs problems when mr sheehan know him .he is the best consultant by 100% commitment to child with downs syndromme i told them i will travel to see him at the north manchester hospital now rather then keep explaining my sons problems .

    • Penny Green UNITED KINGDOM

      Alison, I have been in touch with Patrick and asked him to clarify the situation for anyone with appointments booked and he advises as follows:

      “In relation to those families who have appointments with me at Manchester children’s hospital. They will not be seeing me and I cannot confirm who they will see. Families should complain to Mr Alywn Hughes, Associate Director Children’s Services RMCH and copied Mr Mike Deegan – Chief Executive of CMFT for not informing them of the fact that they will not be seeing Mr Sheehan.

      On a practical way forward and seamless transfer of care, parents can ask their GP to re-refer their child to me at ENT Department, North Manchester General Hospital, Delaunays Road, Manchester, M9 5RB. I am away from next week for a well needed leave till the end of August. I am endeavouring to get a clinic set up at NMGH from September.

      For those families who had listings on my operating lists. Again I am endeavouring to have their operations transferred to North Manchester General Hospital for an equivalent time period as planned.

      My secretary, Clare (0161 720 2847) at North Manchester can be contacted who will advise them accordingly. Unfortunately my secretary at RMCH is on leave for the next 2 weeks.”

  12. Peter Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    This clinic stands as one of the most valuable for all parent’s of children with DS. Common diagnosis among children with DS such as hearing loss and problems swallowing need a specialist resource.

  13. Christine Melling UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter was operated on earlier this year by Mr Sheehan. He and his team were fantastic. Our DS community needs professionals who specialise in the medical complexities that are part and parcel of a diagnosis of Down Syndrome.

  14. Julie Hawes

    Please don’t close this clinic…it’s needed by a lot of people x

  15. Manchester mencap UNITED KINGDOM

    Specialist services and resources must be protected.

  16. Mark Carruthers UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this service open

  17. Juliet Goldbart UNITED KINGDOM

    The complex needs of children with Down syndrome require and deserve the experience and expertise of a specialist service such as that offered by My Sheehan. I request that this much valued service is kept open.

  18. Deborah Lever

    This service is very valued to its users, its closure may not affect everyone, but those that it will deprive are the ones that we should be striving to protect the most.

  19. michelle massey

    This is vital for Down’s Syndrome children. It should not be closed

  20. Janice Howell UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this service open and available to parents who are already faced with enough battles to keep their children safe and well.

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