Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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There are currently 354 signatures for this petition:

  1. Kirsty Hunt UNITED KINGDOM

    Children with DS need all the help they can get to thrive and contribute to society to their full ability. Good hearing plays such a key part in language development and communication that closing a clinic like this will massively disadvantage a group of special individuals who already battle against the odds to be the best they can be.

  2. William and Alisande Nuttall UNITED KINGDOM

    We value this clinic very highly and particularly requested it under the choose and book system. Meeting the Manchester team was a revelation to us because for the first time the audiology team understood how our daughter’s attention was wandering during testing and for the first time an ENT was able to estimate Florence’s hearing based on a rounded knowledge of all the effects of her Down’s Syndrome together. Mr Sheehan is a true expert and, having experienced several other ENT departments I am sad to say that I think most of them simply aren’t familiar enough with the impact of Down’s Syndrome on hearing to give parents any effective advice.

  3. carey roberts UNITED KINGDOM

    Do not close all these services for those that deserve it

  4. Sue Burton UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t remove this fantastic service

  5. Kerri-ann wood UNITED KINGDOM

    Hearing is a vital part of our lives! why is it any less vital for people with DS?

  6. Paul Jackson UNITED KINGDOM

    Everyone should support this petition !!!

  7. Colette Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    My daughter has been fitted with grommets by Mr.Sheehan,when an other Dr did not think she would benefit because of her developmental delay.Fortunately Mr.Sheehan did not see this as a reason not to treat Kate,and although her development is slow,she can hear better which means she can progress!

  8. Brian Robinson UNITED KINGDOM

    Why cut yet another service for our children?

  9. Sarah Riley UNITED KINGDOM

    please keep these services open

  10. Mike Newman

    This resource is vital to support thoose in need.

  11. Julie Shuker UNITED KINGDOM

    An essential and outstanding service which gives our children the best start as hearing is the sense that opens up the world. Failing to attempt to correct hearing difficulties in people with DS will prove to be even more costly in the long run as the impact will have cause more costly knock on health problems.

  12. Lucy Shuker UNITED KINGDOM

    I can hear my friends laugh and the birds sing, When Mr Sheehan fixes my ears.

  13. Clifford Shuker UNITED KINGDOM

    A great, unique, and irreplaceable service that should not be closed.

  14. I Hamilton UNITED KINGDOM

    Who was it who said we measure our humanity by how we treat the weak & vulnerable? Decision makers should hang their heads in shame…again! ‘A life like any other’…not a chance!

  15. Laurie Powell UNITED KINGDOM

    For Ian, Amy and Ella.

  16. Emma Hrydziuszko UNITED KINGDOM

    Our local hospital referred to people with Down’s Syndrome as worthless and useless as result of this outrageous and wholly inaccurate statement we researched and found Mr Sheehan and his clinic. It is horrifying that it is even being suggested that it should close it is invaluable.



  18. Paula Edwards UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep this specialist Clinic going! It gives support and hope for so many! What will all the families that it is so important for do without it?

  19. valerie golding

    this is a valuable service and very unique it is known downs children suffer from poor hearing more than others but need staff that can communicate with downs children and have patience and time ….not to be rattled through nhs ear nose throat hospitals

  20. Peter Riley ITALY

    The services Dr Sheehan and his team provides are vital to the children and their families. Why should they all have to suffer his loss?

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