Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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  1. Janine Harrison

    Think of the families that will have to travel further with their little ones.

    • Penny Green UNITED KINGDOM

      It’s worse than that Janine as some families were already travelling long distances to access the knowledge of this clinic because their local services hadn’t got the understanding of children with Down’s Syndrome.

  2. Deborah Davidson UNITED KINGDOM

    This specialist facility is soo importaint to so many

  3. Michelle Murphy UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save the ENT Unit.


    really sad. who on earth made these decisions

  5. Carl Corcoran

    Special children need specialist help, this is terrible. Everyone should get their MP to lobby parliament.


    This service is vital to parents

  7. Joanne Farmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Please listen to what people are saying and keep this much needed service.

  8. Michelle McGrath UNITED KINGDOM

    I may not live in Manchester but I know the good work Mr P Sheehan does he was so helpful to me when I contacted him about my daughter he gave me the name of another DR in my local area who could help my child.
    As a parent with a child with Down Syndrome I find it hard to get access to professionals that understand my daughter fully it upsets me when we get people just brushing off any problems that my daughter is facing as just being cos she has DS and not seeing her as an individual just a condition.

  9. amanda brookes UNITED KINGDOM

    These services are essential and need to continue to be available

  10. Caroline Jenkinson

    Please help save this fantastic clinic and it’s staff who support so many DS children and their parents.

  11. Janet Cobb UNITED KINGDOM

    Services for children with disabilities are being lost at a rate across England.
    For information and national networks see the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities UK health and learning disability network at
    Janet Cobb

  12. dave harvey UNITED KINGDOM


  13. John Higson UNITED KINGDOM

    A mistaken policy indeed

  14. Gill Ashcroft UNITED KINGDOM

    Sad to hear that there are plans to withdraw this specialised service which has provided support to one of my family. Please save this clinic!

  15. Rachel Derrick UNITED KINGDOM

    It is very difficult to get specialist input for children with Down Syndrome, please don’t close this clinic.

  16. Louise Atherton UNITED KINGDOM

    Please dont withdraw this service. It is unique and has had a huge impact in the life of a young boy whose local NHS ENT service didnt value the difference being able to hear would have on realising his full potential.

  17. allison Hall UNITED KINGDOM

    My son is was being seen by Mr Sheehan, I now have to get a referral through my GP to see him at North Manchester hospital. The local Audiologist thinks that all Mr Sheehans patients are currently being transferred to him, but we haven’t heard anything yet. His knowledge on all things Downs Syndrome is invaluable to parents and well as his expertise in ENT. I will move heaven and earth to see him again.

  18. Marcus Webb UNITED KINGDOM

    I am in disbelief that such a vital clinic for a vulnerable group of children is even being considered being cut especially with the SEN white paper produced by the government oulting how we need to support our vulnerable groups more effectively.
    My family had the privilllage of meeting Mr Sheehan earlier this year and the knoweldge and support he gave our family was immense and can not be found in most hospitals. We need to protect these kinds of services not cut them.

  19. Laura Crawfurd UNITED KINGDOM

    Having a child with complex needs brings an incredible challenge to parents to coordinate all their care needs and hospital appointments, Having services on one site can make a huge difference to the lives of both the children and parents and can mean that an extra day is spent, having fun and engaging in activities and learning instead of travelling to yet another hospital appointment.

  20. Akhtar sheikh UNITED KINGDOM

    Wrong priorities will reduce life opportunities for these children. It will reduce opprotunities to pick up early some serious conditions which may cost NHS huge later on.

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