Stop the Closure of the ENT and Hearing Clinic for Children with Down’s Syndrome in Manchester

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Created August 6, 2012 by Penny Green


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  1. Rosemary MacDonald UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save this service, families need support

  2. alice leonard UNITED KINGDOM


  3. Kelly smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Fantastic service, we have used this place for our daughter. This service should not be closed!!! There is nowhere else that we could receive such fantastic care for our daughter and many other children.

  4. Mrs J Gerritsen UNITED KINGDOM

    absolutely wrong decision to close this centre of excellence

  5. Sarah stephens UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t close it, it’s essential.

  6. billy wilson UNITED KINGDOM

    please get real no closure…….

  7. Amanda Glennon UNITED KINGDOM

    Please save this essential service

  8. Jane Myers UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not remove this provision as this is a vital service. My DS child is just starting to have problems with her ears and will require this service from Patrick in the very near future. I went to his local talk recently and he has so much knowledge and personal understand.

  9. Pankesh Ghelani UNITED KINGDOM

    Just disgraceful , vital resource for children with Downs syndrome.

  10. Alan Griffiths UNITED KINGDOM

    There are two worrying issues here, which appear to be growing into trends(1) the closure of top class centres of excellence and replacing them with second rate generic services in order to save money (does it really) and (2) the continual reduction of services to people with disabilities – even though the Government said they would not do so.
    I am not personally affected by this decision but have a son with a severe Learning Disability and can fully empathize with Penny Green and those who are.

  11. Colette Williams UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to keep these fantastic services for the people that matter and try no matter what life throws at them rather than waste the goverments money on the people of this country that can’t be bothered to make the effort to get off thier backsides.

  12. Jessica Pearson UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not close such an important service. Children with Downs Syndrome have such specific needs, a service like this is essential to get the right support and intervention, and being run by someone so very knowledgeable of the condition is key. Please reconsider!


    A valuble service which is used and relied on by so many families. This must not hppen.

  14. Penny Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    My little boy goes to this clinic and the expertise and support we have got is vital !!

  15. Catherine Callen UNITED KINGDOM

    Central Manchester University Hospitals shoud be proud of this specialist clinic and the valuable service delivered by Mr Sheehan and his team. They are leading experts in the UK for ENT related issues for children with Down’s syndrome. Please do not close this centre of excellence, which provides vital care for our children and training for doctors.

  16. Mary Begley UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop taking all the childrens services away

  17. Jonathan Hudson GERMANY

    My nephew goes here. All the talk is about maintaining and growing services for elite athletes post Olympics but at the cost of services like this? Baffling priorities!

  18. mary doonan UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely despicable. We live in a rich country, therefore, we should be able to continue to support this service. This should not be allowed to happen

  19. Janet Crossley

    Yes this much needed service should not be closed. Expertise is vital for disabled children and their parents.

  20. Kate Goodrich

    I am really sad and disappointed that Mr Sheehan’s clinic is faced with the threat of closure. No reason has been given to families – and so the only conclusion can be is that it is to save the hospital a small amount of money. This clinic has given our son Theo (who has Downs Syndrome) valuable additional help in examining some of his eating and hearing issues. It has been the only clinic and service that has taken a holistic view of the problems that he has had, and has regularly examined all areas to make sure that he is developing normally. The care, time and thoughtfulness in the way that our whole family has been looked after has been superb, and I am deeply saddened that the hospital can consider closing down this service, making no additional services available for young people with Downs Syndrome. This planned closure will make young people with Downs Syndrome wait longer, travel further and receive less care than they already are subject to. We should be protecting NHS services for the most vulnerable in our society, not closing them down. Please consider keeping this clinic open – we need it.

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