Stop The Creepy Crawlies Closure

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Created April 3, 2014 by linzi martin


Creepy crawlies is an active play session for pre school children at our local sports centre and as such has been a meeting place and lifeline for many of us mums, dads, grandparents, childminders and carers over the years where our little ones can play safely and we can get together and meet and make new friends. Now the ymca and its greed have decided to close it and make the staff redundant all because they want to expand the gym. This isn’t fair that the children should suffer. There are all too few places to go without resorting to soft play places which are not practical when you have 1 or more children of different ages. Please sign and with enough signatures we may get them to change their minds

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  1. linzi martin

    unfair and greedy on the ymca’s part


    This is the only place like this around here. It’s open in school holidays when most groups shut down. It’s a huge area for the children to play safetly

  3. Lisa Hargreaves UNITED KINGDOM

    It was a godsend for me when my children were under’s so unfair that they are closing it & making the staff redundant. Parents rely on places like this not only for their children but also for them.

  4. diane phillips

    Such a fab place for children and people to make friends

  5. Nicola cruse UNITED KINGDOM

    I Have taken all 3 of my children to creepy crawlies most weeks for the past 6/7 years. They love it and will defiantly miss going.

  6. Angela cruse UNITED KINGDOM

    I use creepies a lot and will find it hard to think of what to do with my little ones, especially through the winter months. Surely there’s space for it go somewhere

  7. Angela Frackleton UNITED KINGDOM

    Places like this are needed, for children to interact for mums to have a break an at the cost of more redundancies theres ways of keeping places like this open charities fundraising or just be lazy

  8. Anne Smart

    I can’t believe anybody is even thinking of closing such an amazing facility .

  9. Clare Clarke UNITED KINGDOM

    Such a great place to go where preschoolers of all ages can play in a safe secure environment. Would be such a shame if it goes. Have taken all 3 of my children there.

  10. Helen Wardle UNITED KINGDOM

    Very popular baby/toddler group that already makes a lots of money for YMCA. This will also effect the new cafe area as well as the creepies staff. Very sad if this closure happens.

  11. Rachel Potter UNITED KINGDOM

    My son and I have made many friends at creepy crawlies. It is one of the best baby groups in the fylde area where mothers/fathers etc etc can get out of the house and meet other people. There are many different kinds of toys to play with for the children, along with the apparatus which helps small children gain confidence and build on motor skills. My son also loves the big open space in doors where he can run around and where parents feel their children are in a safe and secure environment; many places dont have this. It would be extremely dissappointing and uncaring of the council to allow creepy crawlies to go without a thought about how it will affect the community. Creepy crawlies is important to many people.

  12. mally UNITED KINGDOM


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