Stop The Fraudulent Removal Of Money From Peoples Account-whitetime Tooth Whitening Poison

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Created September 13, 2014 by Reichen


Whitetime tooth whitening company is a fraudulent company that cons innocent citizens off of at least £100 and more, for anyone who is in search of healthier looking teeth. The company holds us against our quest and desire for a brighter smile as this smile is what even puts food on some of us tables, instead they leave us crying and sad after removing £99. 99 from our accounts after presenting to us that their product has a £1 trial, and if you are happy with it you can order more, little did we know that once your account details is submitted they target a removal of £99. 99 directly. Smiles are been turned to sadness and cries and innocent people are psychologically traumatized at this event, and we need to stop this fraudulent company whitetime from further removal of hard earned peoples cash! Please pass this message on as much as possible as this company needs to be brought down fast!

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  1. JC

    I was conned as well. No terms and conditions upon signing up and so no contract was formed enabling these scammers to take money from my credit card, aside £1.00 for postage. Does anyone have contact details for this company? Email address listed above by Jessica are no longer working. Thanks


    I’ve been robbed of 220.00 as well. I’ve contacted the credit company who said they will investigate. I’ve only received one lot and sent it back by recorded delivery, they still haven’t refunded me any of my money. I’m so annoyed and emailed Facebook who have ignored my emails.


    I signed up for the .99p trial and received it. I didn’t agree to any terms and conditions for ongoing product only the initial postage. They have now taken £99.99 out of my account and the bank wants confirmation emails that I have cancelled it with them but I never signed up to anything!!! Not sure where to go from here…

  4. P Andrews

    Scammed 99.99. Bank wont refund as the scammer provided ‘Terms and CONditions’ to them which never existed on the page i was on. Every purchase must be refunded as this is a CLEAR scam, and there are too many people for there to have been any REAL terms and conditions to read.


    This is a scam and I have lost £220. They need to be stopped and the banks need to start listening to us!

  6. alan weeks UNITED KINGDOM

    i was ripped off by teetthwhitening to the tune of £200 I contacted them to cancel and was to return the products I did so but am still waiting for my money

  7. alan weeks UNITED KINGDOM

    hi Iwas ripped off by teethwhitening for the sum of £200 I was told by a rep. when I eventually got hold of them to cancel was to send the products back to them and my money would be refunded that was in September I am still waiting I have tried emailing them but it is rejected


    Similar experience to the other signatories. I ordered two ‘free’ trials at £1 postage each in good faith. I was not referred to any T& C’s and was not made aware of any further ‘courses’ or additional payments. Was charged 2 x £1 which I had agreed to then 2 x £99 of which I DID NOT AUTHORISE. This is an out and out scam and the sort of thing that is a massive threat to online retailing and must be stopped has certainly put me off buying anything online. If the banks are not strong enough to stop scammers like these what chance of a remedy has anyone buying anything online got ?

  9. Emma vaughan UNITED KINGDOM

    Vary bad people needs to be stopped


    Company keep offering me £20 refund per product which I have refused since they took 3 x £99.99 from out account. This has been ongoing since August, 70 odd mails down the line but I refused to let this go. Do your home work, check the consumer regulations because there are numerous regulations that these companies have broken, they still don’t comply though so take your complaint about the bank refusing to refund money to the financial ombudsman which I have done. I sent them all my mails, proof products were returned and a copy of the consumer regulations and the ombudsman has ruled in my favour, granted this was over the phone so I’m waiting for this confirmation in a letter which he advised would be sent to my bank which is Halifax and me to cover 2 payments of £99.99, the bank state 1 x £99.99 was refunded which it wasn’t as it was the company trying to take more money but ombudsman say the £100 compensation he is advising will cover this loss. Don’t give up people, it’s very unlikely these companies will refund so go for the bank for not protecting your interest as even the fraud department said they had loads of similar calls about companies so why didn’t they do something about stopping these payments. I know it’s my fault I was scammed but it’s worth a go if you want your money back. Good luck people!


    If I can help I’ll give it a go!

  12. Admon POLAND

    Public prosecutor arrested a passport of Mr Kaszubski – he is a bum who cheated people in many countries.
    By 2014, the chief sanitary inspector banned the sale of Peter K. Poland Whitetime whitening agents. The ban was issued because the product is intended for use only in dental offices. K. distribute your product despite the ban, using a company registered in the US Whitetime Professional Distribution LLC – said “Gazeta Pomeranian.”

  13. lisa

    i never received the item and was then charged £99.99. Barclays have been absolutely useless at helping and have charged me another £205.75 in total!

  14. Chris

    Same as everyone else basically : (

  15. Kerry Holmes

    I also got conned with this, it’s such a shame these people are doing this and they’re being let off!!

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