STOP the removal of pike from our canals

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Created February 9, 2011 by Vic

Animal Welfare

British Waterways have electrofished and removed all pike from a section of the B'ham/Fazeley Canal, the first time the pike were killed and sold at market for food. Recently the remaining few pike were removed and also many carp. This has ruined the fishing for pike and carp anglers alike. The only reason for this is due to the greed of the angling club running the water as they want it purely for match fishing. Not only has the specimen fishing been ruined for the many anglers who fished there but also the important ecosystem has been damaged.

There are currently 495 signatures for this petition:

  1. Daniel Tipper UNITED KINGDOM

    No way!!!! This sucks!! What a stupid idea

  2. Roy Sutton UNITED KINGDOM

    Put pike back!!


    Its a disgrace they should be left alone

  4. Gary Barton UNITED KINGDOM

    Barbaric outdated thinking!!!!!!!! I can’t believe this is being done by our own water authority!

  5. richard proud UNITED KINGDOM

    Why do maggot drowners have their own way!stop now

  6. Chris Southwell UNITED KINGDOM

    Removing pike never works, They’ll probably end up with loads of jacks!

  7. kev jones

    return all pike or try and locate

  8. Gerry Todd UNITED KINGDOM

    Scandalous and typical Of BW. All brawn and no brains.

  9. Craig Hunt UNITED KINGDOM

    I hope all the deseased and dieing fish that the pike would eat wipe out the rest of their narrow-minded sport. Anyone who takes time to understand waterways knows the importance of all species.

    Good old British Waterways and Environment Agency, are obviously really interested in their work?

  10. Tim Plews

    stop the Zander slaugther too!

  11. Alan Burton UNITED KINGDOM

    We should NOT alter the balance of natural Pike ,or any others, habitats. Nature usually takes care of any imbalances.

  12. Pete Kennett UNITED KINGDOM

    Have they sealed off the ends of the canal so that no pike or carp can get in? I doubt it! Fish have fins and swim! That was a shameful wasteof life and British Waterways should hang their heads in shame.

  13. ed butler UNITED KINGDOM

    why do match fisherman want to change nature just so they benifit?
    I really shows the selfishness of some people. pike have lived in our waterways for thousands of years,they eat fish, thats what they do, why do people have a problem with that?
    the people at british waterways should hang their heads in sham.
    why do people have to mess with nature?

  14. Ella Clements UNITED KINGDOM

    I enjoy fishing especially fly fishing and I realise how wrong it is to be removing them, especially as the majority go to waste. Electrofishing should only be used to count stock not to remove fish. Many people are also using electrofishing while fish are spawning this needs to stop too. As for the pike they should be left be, if triploid stocks are kept high enough there should be no need for removing. Nature will do its thing.

  15. John jones UNITED KINGDOM

    The killing of pike angers me, a species that have been around for hunderds of thousands of years i think they should be given the respect and recognition they require, safe guarded against culling.

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