Stop the Scottish Catholic Church Bigots from Blackmailing the Scottish Government and promoting Homophobia

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Created October 9, 2011 by Jeff Gallazzi

catholic bigots

We the undersigned
Respectfully ask that the First Minister, Deputy Minister and all SNP MSPs and MPs do not yield to the bullying tactics of the Scottish Catholic Church and a proportion of its members, with regard to the threat that unless the Scottish Government abandons plans to allow Gay and Lesbian couples to marry it will instruct its members not to vote for the SNP.

This is a fundamental issue of human and civil rights and equality.  Nobody is forcing the Catholic Church to marry gay or lesbian couples if they do not wish to.  However, Scottish Catholic Church Leaders have decided to declare ‘war’ on the SNP government and Gay Men and Lesbians allover Scotland.
We implore the SNP to stand strong in the face of this outrageous attack on democracy and equality and to proceed with their plans for a consultation, unhindered and unimpeded by a minority group with a long history of demonising and attacking Gay Men and Lesbians in Scotland.

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 24 signatures for this petition:

  1. Frank Davie AUSTRALIA

    I hope your self serving petition falls flat.The gays like the muslims and every other so called minority group are all about take,take,take,never give.If you dont like what I said then report me Gary Burns Australian Labor MP who is another one of the gay industry gimmick merchant gold diggers,and his community are equally as vile as the rest of you.Report me…go on…….!!!!

  2. Jessica Blair

    I am of Scottish decent and Gay and am ashamed of those of you who are so narrow minded that you cannot see that one can love anyone male or Female.

  3. John Higgins UNITED KINGDOM

    Their prejudice is pretty ugly! WWJD?

  4. Gareth Jones UNITED KINGDOM

    standard disgusted comment

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