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Created June 16, 2015 by lothlo1111

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Many of my indigenous friends have had their Facebook pages shut down because of people who are not educated about or aware of indigenous cultures and who do not realize those are their real names. This is an outrageous lack of respect toward indigenous cultures and to the identities of native peoples on the part of Facebook. Please sign this petition in support of their rights to have indigenous names be accepted by Facebook!

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 39 signatures for this petition:

  1. Michelle Kaisersatt UNITED STATES

    Let’s accept being authentic and ‘transparent’. I agree in signing this petition.

  2. Francine UNITED STATES

    I support indigenous names being allowed on Facebook.

  3. Mason Frana UNITED STATES

    It’s not fair to exclude any names on Facebook. Especially if they prefer that name.

  4. Ailynn KnoxCollins UNITED STATES

    Our names are all beautiful and meaningful. No one has the right to say otherwise.

  5. Jessica Fremland

    I support this cause.

  6. Joseph Alessi

    A lot of what I do at my job us working with native people who have very long and sometimes unbelievable names. When they go to make a Facebook page or sign up for a credit card, they are presented with people who do not believe that that is their true name. I want to see this changed!

  7. Čhaŋtémaza (Neil McKay) UNITED STATES

    There is no question that I am Čhaŋtémaza and that my English name is Neil McKay. I should be able to choose whichever I prefer on FB. Some people only know me as Čhaŋtémaza which is my Dakhóta name.

  8. Charlotte Warrender

    I am part Native American, if I wanted to use my Native American name I should have that right.

  9. Sue fischer UNITED STATES

    Any name should do

  10. Adrian liberty UNITED STATES

    I am native. I have a real name that should be respected.

  11. laura cloud

    Historically speaking, who “gave” us our English names when we already had names in our own language?!

  12. Scott C. Knudson

    Dear Facebook, Please continue your philosophy & practices of inclusion & acceptance; allow people to use their names.

  13. Vincent Staples-Graves UNITED STATES

    Native peoples should not be excluded from using our names. Just because our acestors were physically & sexually abused at boarding school for using our languages doesn’t give Facebook the right to keep us from using our names. In a way they are perpetuating the abuse from the last 150 years.

  14. Melissa UNITED STATES

    I support indigenous names on Facebook.

  15. Kendrick Wronski

    FaceBook does not decide what our names ore

  16. Gena Stillday


  17. Anne Ursu UNITED STATES

    Please show everyone respect.

  18. Marcy McIntyre UNITED STATES

    I support indigenous names on Facebook.

  19. Lily Andrews UNITED STATES

    Not respecting indigenous names is racist.

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