Thames Clippers Get Us Home

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Created November 1, 2010 by James


Thames Clippers have completely cut the evening service, last boat leaving Embankment at 21:10. For me this is an inconvenience as it means if I want to go out for dinner or see a show after work I will have to pay extra for alternative transport home on top of my Annual Season Ticket for the boat. For one of my neighbours who is also a Season ticket holder but works afternoon/evening it means he is regretably considering cancelling his Thames Clipper Season Ticket as it will only get him one way! I appreciate TC need to make a profit but why have the last 3 hours just been completely cut rather than reduced to one an hour for e.g. Even just running the Star clipper alone from Embankment to Greenwich would mean we could have a 10:30 and a midnight from Embankment, giving us a chance to get home! I would like to kindly ask the decision makers at Thames Clippers to please please reconsider completely cutting the evening service. Please sign if you think Thames Clippers should bring back some services after 9pm (comments welcome)…

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