The University of Sheffield should withdraw advertising with Church of England Newspaper

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Created November 8, 2011 by Ellen Woods


On 28th October, former East London councillor Alan Craig wrote an article for Church of England Newspaper comparing gay rights campaigners to Nazis and using the word “Gaystapo”

The newspaper has actively defended his deeply offensive article.
The  University of Sheffield, which is supportive of LGBT students and staff, currently advertises courses through this newspaper’s website.

We call for the University of Sheffield to withdraw advertising from this publication as soon as possible.
Thank you.

There are currently 37 signatures for this petition:

  1. Del Pickup UNITED KINGDOM

    This sort of discriminatory and ignorant article is a glaring example of how out of touch & intolerant the church remains. That it seeks to defend such an attitude speaks volumes about the bigotry endemic in the institution

  2. Will Stroude UNITED KINGDOM

    I will be completely ashamed of UoS if they continue to associate themselves with this publication.

  3. Joel Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    Shocked that University of Sheffield would advertise in a paper, that holds completely opposite values of the university. Totally ridiculous. Would have thought an education establishment would have more sense than this.

  4. Anthony Adler UNITED KINGDOM

    Please don’t continue to associate the university and all of its staff and students with a publication that sees fit to print such offensive material.

  5. Emily Morgan

    Stop advertising with this publication.

  6. Josie Martin UNITED KINGDOM

    Absolutely disgusting. Don’t be involved with a publication like this.

  7. Tom Minshull UNITED KINGDOM

    UoS please remove advertising from this publication!

  8. Miki Tillett UNITED KINGDOM

    Please withdraw university advertising from this publication.

  9. Faye Lipson UNITED KINGDOM

    I respect the right of the Christian gentleman to publish his opinion, but I do not respect the University of Sheffield for giving advertising revenue to this publication. Its views are odious.

  10. Amelia Bottomley UNITED KINGDOM

    Stop advertising with this publication.

  11. Simon Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    UoS please withdraw your advertising, this is an affront to LGBT rights

  12. Rob Thornton UNITED KINGDOM


  13. Thomas Leach UNITED KINGDOM

    This is ridiculous. I hope UoS don’t continue to support such discriminatory groups.

  14. Matthew Baren


  15. Alexandra Bayles UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally agree with this petition, absolutely disgusting.

  16. Jennifer Kettle UNITED KINGDOM

    This article is an example of the homophobic attitudes that are frustratingly still so prevalent. Please demonstrate that the University of Sheffield does not condone this.

  17. loren greatorex UNITED KINGDOM

    I don’t go to the university but this is wrong

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