To Get The Commercial Rights Holders And The Fia To Withdraw The Contract With Milestone S.r.l To Produce The Wrc Games For Pc And Consoles And Offer Them To Another Games Developer

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Created March 27, 2013 by KickOutMilestone


This petition has been set up because a great deal of gamers and customers of milestones have bought into this franchise expecting a thrilling rallying experience. Unfortunately though, milestone just keep letting us down. Wrc 3, the third game in the series, debuted in october of 2012. Us gamers/customers asked for a patch to some of the bugs in the game. Between then and now (march 2013) they have kept saying coming soon, first saying xmas 2012 then saying april 2013. In the meantime, they have brought out a half-baked arcade wrc racer. The company has their priorities wrong. Many fans have approached milestone via their facebook page ( https://www. Facebook. Com/wrcthegame? Fref=ts ) about their lack of interest in developing the title, fixing bugs and inaccuracies in the game. It is clear from their lack of communication they care very little for this title and believe it is time another developer should be sought that actually cares about rallying, motorsport and video gaming as well as delivering premium content to it’s customers. I’m therefore asking the commerical rights holders of the world rally championship and the fia (governing body of motorsport) to end their association with milestone on the wrc series and offer the franchise to another developer.

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  1. David Andersson SWEDEN
  2. Andy Hedis SWEDEN
  3. Benjamin Kopeczi HUNGARY
  4. Chris Moore UNITED STATES

    Because the company has failed to deliver the game WRC deserves. The game, WRC3, was released last year and is unplayable for many PC users. It was not even advertised in the US. There has been no patch to fix the many bugs and problems with the game. PC users can only use one input device. This is the worst console port I’ve ever seen. Completely unacceptable!

  5. peter

    of many reasons

  6. Giuseppe Faillace ITALY

    Because Milestone is not able to develop serious games. Their games are obsolete and full of bugs, even in the past versions of the WRC franchise. Furthermore they don’t even care about customers complaints at all, and instead of fixing their errors and apologise they keep on develop dlc and arcade shitty stuff. Bring back the WRC license in the hands of more capable game publishers!

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