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Created June 27, 2010 by matt


Fair enough England lost to Germany 4-1, and the goal which was disallowed wouldn't have won the game for us, but its the principal that it should have stood as a goal, it could have changed the out come of the game. This is not the 1st time massive mistakes like this have been made and can cost teams on receiving end dearly. September 20, 2008, in a game between Reading and Watford in the Coca-Cola English Championship, the referee strangely decided to award a goal that went wide of the target. The shot, which really went out for a goal-kick, was called to be a goal by the linesman, who later claimed he thought he had seen the ball go in the net.

They manage to have TV replays etc in rugby and are able to freeze screen shots within seconds so why is football so different?

Mistakes like this have to stop and fast, but we need to put pressure on FIFA to bring something into effect.

There are currently 28 signatures for this petition:

  1. judith coyne huddersfield UNITED KINGDOM

    something needs doing the refs and the lines ppl are not seeing what is clear to everyone else .

  2. simon guy mansfield UNITED KINGDOM
  3. jason wilson huddersfield UNITED KINGDOM
  4. annette moyle sutton UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Soo Thomason New Cross UNITED KINGDOM
  6. Rachele Cook Mansfield GERMANY
  7. abi nelson leeds UNITED KINGDOM
  8. darrel slater peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
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