Unfair & Illegal Pay At The Inc Group!

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Created January 31, 2012 by Eren


Alot of people have been moaning about the pay, now is the time to come together and do something about it. Whats more is the slap in the face weve received as inc venues have recently been painted and furnished (some are undergoing refurbishment right now! ), yet we still receive late pay, not only is this unfair but consistently late pay is illegal! We plan to collect petitions and present them with a letter to head office. Just to make it clear, no one can be fired for this, we are simply expressing we are not happy and want a change! If such an incident does occur, that would be unfair dismissal wich the company can not do.  
we will petition to fight late pay and gain more power back to staff, we are the ones that keep this company rolling so sign and make a difference!  
more information on employment can be found on the direct. Gov website

There are currently 11 signatures for this petition:

  1. Eren


  2. Eleftheria Macha

    I, Eleftheria Macha, agree to sign this petition.

  3. Omer Mumtaz UNITED KINGDOM

    Pay me u sick People.


    Like everyone else, I have bills, rent, debts to pay, including a young daughter to provide for. Late payments are bad enough, but topped off with having to wait 3-5 working days for a cheque to clear, and having to deal with the more than likely chance that said cheque will bounce, it’s just way too much!
    This has happened too many times and something must be done!

  5. becca


  6. Charlotte Burge UNITED KINGDOM




  8. Danielle Tiley


  9. aaron


  10. Francis Qureshi UNITED KINGDOM


  11. Kris Adams UNITED KINGDOM


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