Unlimited data fair use policy removal

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Created March 20, 2011 by warren


This is to petition Ofcom to get communication providers to remove the word unlimited from their product descriptions where a fair use policy exists.

The oxford dictionary describes the word unlimited as:

1 not limited or restricted in terms of number, quantity, or extent:

If you are sold a product as unlimited that is what it should be, companies should no longer be able to use unfair practices enforcing restrictions when their product contains the word unlimited.

I urge everyone in the UK to sign this petition and stop companies falsifying their advertisements to sell their products.

As an example:

BT option 3 broadband unlimited has a fair usage policy of 100GB per month, logic dictates then that option 3 is 100GB and not unlimited.


This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 33 signatures for this petition:

  1. Roger Southward Loughborough UNITED KINGDOM
  2. Aaron Colwill Tottenham UNITED KINGDOM

    Mobile phone providers should be included with this, as they regularly touted unlimited internet which was far less than unlimited.

  3. Robert Morley Chessington UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Zubair Mulla Leicester UNITED KINGDOM
  5. Matt Curtis Westbury UNITED KINGDOM
  6. ken rogers birmingham

    T mobile offered me a weeks net for £2.50 2 day on and i get told i have gon over my limit for browsing 4 hours .

  7. Neil Swann Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    Fed up with this false advertising. Please sort it out!

  8. Thomas van Delft Bristol UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree this is unfair and very misleading

  10. David Elliott Sheildhill UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally agree. I wish the would drop their traffic management policy as well. We are paying to use their network so why are we getting limited for using it?

  11. andrew pocock

    fair use policies should be banned\r\n\r\nthey are breaking the law by using false advertising

  12. Alex Calcan ROMANIA


  13. Ben Campbell UNITED KINGDOM

    Punish bad ISPs.

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