zynga please make it possible to see who takes something off the feed, please auto detect the names

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Created September 6, 2011 by chrissy


zynga please make it possible to see who takes something off the feed, please auto detect the names.

we have had so many problems, posts go unclaimed, people do not thank us, and we have friends that cannot claim what we post.

we post all the time asking friends to click like if they take stuff, its happening with all games on facebook and many do not bother, yes it only takes a second to click like, but some people cannot be bothered, and others are giving the game’s up as they have had enough of this situation.  

we need an auto detect programme built in so we can see that the person claimed it, this will stop friends wasting time trying to claim, when they could be playing the game. 

i ask you zynga, can you please create an auto detect programme/device, that allows us not only to see that someone has got the rewards we post, but more to stop us wasting time trying to get things off the feed, that are clearly already gone. 

thank you 

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 33 signatures for this petition:

  1. Alma J Perry

    hope it works

  2. Dayle Bramel UNITED STATES

    Great idea!

  3. Jessica Correa UNITED STATES

    We Need this we need to hold people accountable for taking items.

  4. Mauveen Stone UNITED KINGDOM

    Please please sign this we need to make those who dont acknowledge the gifts accountable.

  5. Teri Sue Carter UNITED STATES

    Thank You!!! I didn’t realize when I first posted this on my News Feed that it would get this far! It is so frustrating for All of Us who do post a ‘TY’ or ‘Like’ to alert the item has been taken.

    I didn’t know the ‘ins and outs’ of creating a petition and I truly Appreciate this getting to the stage of Petition!!

  6. Lianne Wilcox UNITED KINGDOM

    i agree it gets me mad when people take without pressing the like button

  7. Teri Sue Carter UNITED STATES

    This is to simply validate my signature for petition.

  8. Carolyn Berry UNITED STATES

    I hope that something good will come out of this petition!

  9. Andrea Rigby Mcgowan UNITED KINGDOM

    signed!! we need this, lots of my friends dont bother posting any more because of this, and the whole point of the game is SHARING

  10. ashlea livesay UNITED STATES

    connecting the world through games means we should be polite enough to share nicely

  11. loren ebrada SAUDI ARABIA

    add me to that!

  12. Bernard Pogson UNITED KINGDOM

    Definately a must to see who takes off feed posts in games, very unfair on those paying for items just to have them taken without a ‘LIKE’ besides wasting time for those that do !

  13. Barbara Newton Beers UNITED STATES

    This would be awesome!!

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