Build A Footbridge Across The A30 To Save Lives

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Created January 1, 2015 by Ella-louise Ayling


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  1. Ella-louise Ayling UNITED KINGDOM

    I really think it should be built so its alot more safer to cross that road .

  2. Maria Richards

    Too many deaths have happened at this junction over the years. Lots of children use the crossing to and from school. Even more needed now McDonalds have received approval to build on this junction. Should be part of the construction when they start to build – if not before. This needs urgent attention after a 13 year old girl was killed there last week.

  3. yvonne smyth UNITED KINGDOM

    To keep our community safe when using that road for both pedestrians and driver’s

  4. Susan Franks UNITED KINGDOM

    to avoid any more deaths on that road especially once mc Donald’s gets built

  5. kelly chessman UNITED KINGDOM

    Itt needs to be made safe! Its so dangerous to cross, drivers are always jumping the lights.

  6. Mecedes-anne willoughby

    I think it will help everyone to be safe when crossing the roads and kids crossing it to go to school.

  7. hayley dawkins

    Far to many lives have been lost on this road,something needs to be done!

  8. Priscilla Naicker UNITED KINGDOM

    To keep our children and the elderly safe!

  9. Linda Aling UNITED KINGDOM

    Save lives

  10. Lynn wheeler UNITED KINGDOM

    Need to make it safer for people to cross the road.

  11. Vanessa Bracken GERMANY

    A bridge will help save lives and ensure the safety of the people crossing.

  12. Joseph Fletcher GERMANY

    With the addition of another uneccessary McDonalds, this junction is going to become considerably more hazardous, a bridge is essential!

  13. Lee-Anne Smithers UNITED KINGDOM

    For ever life lost, this needs to be done

  14. Linda smith UNITED KINGDOM

    Another young life taken .there also needs to be more cameras on this area I have seen many a car shoot lights

  15. Amy Cooper UNITED KINGDOM

    The road is dangerous and there are local business and schools near by. We need to prevent any more deaths or injuries.

  16. Jo Griffin UNITED KINGDOM

    Make this dangerous road safer for all concerned. Especially pedestrians as there have been deaths and people injured trying to cross this road.Road safety should be the council’s priority.

  17. kelly chessman UNITED KINGDOM

    Save lives, protect our community.

  18. sam may

    Should be placed before anyone else get killed the amount of times I have seen children ruing to cross in time is ridiculous especially when there have been countless occasions where the lights haven’t worked

  19. Lorraine Marshall UNITED KINGDOM

    if these improvements are made to increase safety, hopefully another death can be avoided. More consideration needs to be given to road users when adjustments/new shops are approved. Too many cars & too much to look out for does not make this road safe & a young girl has now lost her life, a family have lost their baby. Something must be done.

  20. Chloe Onuoha UNITED KINGDOM

    Needs to be done. Should have been done so much sooner. Could have saved Lia’s life…

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