dangerous dogs

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Created December 30, 2010 by sherrie

Animal Welfare

Please support me join to help me get nasty dogs muzzled and keep on a lead in public places .A lot more lives would be saved.

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  1. Jacqui Mayo UNITED KINGDOM
  2. sam williams UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Alice Gibbs East Barnet UNITED KINGDOM
  4. Allison Stokes Neath UNITED KINGDOM

    I think the people who bred these dogs and also the unresponsible owners of these dogs should me muzzled and banned from keeping dogs of all kinds

  5. Tina Hamilton Glasgow UNITED KINGDOM

    there has been enough blood shed because of these animals. when is it going to end !

  6. Victoria Salter UNITED KINGDOM

    By signing this, I do not wish to be discriminating against any one breed, colour or gender of dog, instead I wish to see ALL vicious dogs and ONLY vicious individual dogs muzzled and kept on a lead near children and in public places

  7. stephanie green barnsley UNITED KINGDOM

    i agree about dogs been muzzled but some dogs i feel as been miss under stood about how they look in general of there size and posture which make the breed of the dog look nasty.in most cases ive seen its been down to the dogs owners behavior wot as caused this problam of been out of control just like it would be with a teenager been with the same problam as ive seen this for my self.


    i have complained to my local bus company to have dogs muzzled on public transport .i got feed back which was full of figures facts and excuses.i fully support your efforts and campaingn for all dogs to be muzzled not only in public places but on public transport wher you are restricted for movement and space .

  9. michael riley liverpool UNITED KINGDOM

    this is a very strong point of mine and i think all life would be happier if the bull terrier type dogs were destroyed or used for particular purpose only and not allowed to be kept as a family pet. all bull dogs are born with a fight

  10. Dianne Parker UNITED STATES

    Michael your an idiot. All Bull Terrier type dogs are not dangerous. Its the owners that’s the problem NOT THE BREED! And since you started this rediculous petition what purpose might you come up with that they be used for? Target practice?
    Your pure ignorance and knowledge of the breed makes me nauseous!!!!!!!!!!!! its unfortunate that I had to sign this petition to tell you your asshole!

  11. Callie Wingfield UNITED KINGDOM

    I totally agree. My dog a helpless westie has been attacked 5 times because irresponsible owners let their dogs off the lead in public placves. These same dogs have now attacked humans. No one listens and we are petrified to take our dog out for a walk. She is scared of the slightest noise and of other dogs. She was even attacked in her own garden when a staff put its mouth inside our gate and got hold of her nose nearly ripping it off. No one is safe walking the streets with all these dangerous dogs roaming the streets un supervised and without a lead.

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