Help The Homeless In Derby

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Created September 30, 2014 by Sara Suboor


Homelessness is no laughing matter and needs to be addressed immediately!!!! I am currently working to organise fundraising events to raise money for the homeless in derby, so all your signatures really will make a difference. Out of the 230,000 people that currently reside in derby, approximately 150 citizens are rough sleepers. Not only are they at risk of sexual abuse, exploitation, alcohol/drug misuse and potentially even death, they are also neglected by strangers on the street whose minds are filled with so much stereotypical nonsense, that they don’t even bother to help. In terms of young people, many children who decide to run away from home due to child abuse, loneliness and family problems, they are often in more danger than they were at home. Only we have the power to help, so i urge you to please sign my petition. Do not delay, sign today;)))

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