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Created May 7, 2012 by Kitty Chan


This blogs purpose has turned into a malicious place for users and “trolls” to make hurtful, hateful comments about anything and everything they want, the purpose of this blog was never to name and shame, slag off and generally hate on artists. Whither its about the artists personally ot there art. These peolpe should of course feel free to make these dreadful comments if they please but me and many others feel this blog is condoning, allowing and aiding the online cyber bulling comminuty, and troll community thanks to the anonymous feature. These hurtful comments and “confessions” have led many users on deviantart to quit! I agree that no matter where you go on the internet there are going be trolls and cyber bullies, but i know for a fact that if a site could stop these users and ban them from ever using there site, they would. Aiding this type of thing and allowing this behaviour is something the moderator and creator(s) of this blog seems to allow. Which in itself is just as bad, as they have the power to stop these comments from being made and displayed on the blog. The drama this blog is creating is making more and more trolls and cyber bullies aware of the privilages to which the blog offers this has lately sprug the blog into overdrive with hateful comments directed at lots of artists wellknow in the deviantart community and not. We are standing up and taking action because as nice as the idea was, this blog is now hurting many people. If you feel you wish to stand by our side and take action, please sign this petition to help get this blog get removed from tumblr. We plan on taking this petition to tumblr staff. So if you want this blog removed like we do please sign this petition and take the first step of action.

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There are currently 20 signatures for this petition:

  1. Gretchen Camburn


  2. Chloe Walker UNITED KINGDOM

    Totally with this! It promotes bullying, as I have experienced hateful comments from it myself. What is worse, is when younger people from deviantart become the target of trolls and bullies.

  3. Tiffany Myers UNITED STATES


  4. megan UNITED STATES

    I don’t really like how this blog is hurting a lot of friends of mine..

  5. Angela Rusk UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Gretchen Camburn

    This website is full of hate and is entirely depressing :(

  7. Kitty Chan

    I am very hurt by some of the comments i have recieved on this tumblr. I think its hard for people to be judged the way this blog allows. Sometimes artists on deviantart arent there to be professional, they are there to enjoy drawing and sharing with the community. Recieving such judgmental comments about my art and me myself feels like an attack. Being judged, made fun of and hurt by this blog made me so down, which i never thought would happen, at the moment i have lost the will to draw.

  8. claudia UNITED KINGDOM

    Either this blog needs to be removed or the moderators need to have strict guidelines they have to follow – it is easy to see a post that is directly targeting someone in a malicious way, and these should be stopped. The moderators either need to take some responsibility for their roles or shut down the blog.

  9. Holly Guenther UNITED STATES

    This blog needs to come down or be better moderated so that it’s not just a place to spew annoymous hate.



  11. Dawn Campion UNITED KINGDOM

    Ban these people who are hurtful to others

  12. Kiyo-chan UNITED STATES

    I don’t like how this blog is hurting my friends and making them feel bad…when they should not.

  13. Patrycja POLAND

    I’m with you all!


    I agree, this blog is causing disaster and harm to fellow artists!

  15. Emma Bartlett UNITED KINGDOM

    what did tumblr expect by putting up such a silly idea of a page??
    they must have seen all this hurting and insults coming!
    la trous fesses

  16. samantha k CANADA

    It’s just pointless. There is no good coming from this blog. If you want to let off steam, get a life, talk to a friend.

  17. Scottydog


  18. Dat Le

    This blog is going too far
    i dun think such thing should be existed at beginning

  19. Kimberley UNITED KINGDOM

    This blog has caused so much hurt, it has gone beyond just discussing art. Trolls are using it as a place to find their latest target. It really needs to be controlled better to prevent bullying.

  20. Ziannae UNITED KINGDOM

    I’m sorry but I believe this ‘Blog’ has got out of control

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