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Created April 6, 2012 by Richie


The bbc are pulling the pin on their overnight “pages from ceefax” from all of their channels in 2012. Pages from ceefax is a news service that provides the latest in news, sport and finance in 8-bit style graphics, usually accompanied by stock library music. It is a spin-off from the teletext service of the same name. It has garnered a cult following over the years and is still, despite us being in the heady days of the internet, a legitimate and quick way of getting the latest news. Pages from ceefax also entertains too. Where else can you read about the latest massacre or political upheavals whilst being serenaded by piano jazz? It is a cultural icon of television history, it has historical roots and i can justify paying my licence fee for it. I’d rather watch pages from ceefax than reruns of jeremy kyle. When i had no books as a kid i used pages from ceefax to help me learn to read. Please sign up to keep this peace of television history alive.

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    Keep it alive. I grew up with it and still enjoy watching it now. BBC Red Button takes three pages up for the same content Ceefax uses on one page. I learned to read with Ceefax when I had no books. I enjoy the music they play on Pages From Ceefax (especially the special Xmas music they do every year). I make it a part of my very limited viewing habit. Very few programs on TV that are worth following these days but Pages From Ceefax has been a loyal companion to me. Through good times and bad. Let’s save it.


    save ur ceefax i lov its style and music i would kill myself when its gone


    CeeFax rules!
    When I was young I used to get up to watch CeeFax, on my black & white tv, when I was young (in the 90s) – to the annoyance of my brother, who I used to share a room with. It annoyed him as I was watching it in the bedroom as I would get in trouble if I’d watched it on the main tv downstairs.

  4. Adam

    I love Ceefax. Its news pages are the first and last thing I look at every day. In 24 hours it will be lost to me forever. Sure, the web’s great but it’s not as concise, and it takes me a lot less time to turn on my tv than it does to wait for my laptop to boot up. Save Pages From Ceefax, so at least I can still read some parts of it!

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