Keep Steel Plant In Red Car Working

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Created September 30, 2015 by f e sharpe


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  1. f e sharpe UNITED KINGDOM

    we need steel making to continue in the United Kingdom

  2. p m hinchcliffe UNITED KINGDOM

    we can`t keep closing down our industry’s. we never learn from history. The powers that be can`t see the wood for the trees.

  3. Alan west UNITED KINGDOM

    We need steel production to stay in the uk

  4. M N Bemrose

    I work for Tata speciality steels in Stocksbridge and a Community Union member our steel industry must be heard and given a level playiying field to compete or we will return to 1984


    We don’t want to lose the steel industry for future generations for the lack of interest by the present government

  6. Denise

    Cannot put all those people out of work. We should be doing our best to keep the steel industry.

  7. Jeff lyall

    Should be keeping the industry alive. Its what uk is known for.

  8. Jeff lyall

    Confirming email

  9. Peter Simper UNITED KINGDOM

    Once this industry is closed it will be lost forever and the country will have to rely on imports

  10. bettinson

    support the continuation of british steel industry

  11. richard bettinson

    keep redcar steel plant open.

  12. anthony johnston

    too many industries have gone due to government doing nothing hasn’t the penny dropped yet that if they do nothing they have to pay out benefits to these unfortunate workers who have no work to do .the money they invest is only a small amount compared to the money they will pay in benefits in most cases as long as they live der keep british workers in work

  13. Gary Morton UNITED KINGDOM

    We need to keep a core steel making industry to maintain an industrial base in Britain.Technology and skills will be lost to competitors and the site should be moth balled as a heritage centre for research e.g. Our car manufacturing base would require metal based components as new cars are designed and manufactured.If HS2 is to go ahead rails will need to be manufactured for this. A test centre will be required for new materials to stay ahead in the global race. A lot more can be done, by exploring other avenues involving experts in metallurgy and competitions for designers in metal.i

  14. Pamela Lay and John Pope UNITED KINGDOM

    this country must retain a full steel production capability. just one reason: when the contract to build the new power stations and high speed rail links are inevitably given to overseas countries , thousands of tons of steel will be transported by sea, creating a much larger carbon footprint than ought to be the case. If the present companies cannot run these plants then we must take the plants off them.The capacity MUST be retained. We must stop the continuing process of UK industry being given away to other countries with the attendant unemployment of highly skilled employees. UK taxpayers are owed huge sums by the banking sector, the banks should pay for renationalisation

  15. Gene Reeve UNITED KINGDOM

    Another nail in the coffin of British industry!

  16. ken Ayers UNITED KINGDOM

    We must support our steel industry and stop cheap foreign imports, particularly from China!

  17. Shelagh Ayers UNITED KINGDOM

    British steel has been famous for years and built many large world wide structures. This should not be allowed to stop just because of cheap Chinese imports, our Government should fully support this steel production!

  18. Ken Ayers UNITED KINGDOM

    production of steel must continue in Redcar and all other steel plants. Britain has been at the forefront of steel production and metallogical progress for over a century and has led the world in this field. this should not be allow to fizzle out just because our government wants to get into bed with the Chinese so allowing their cheap products into Britain, we need steel production to boost the northern powerhouse.

  19. D Prescott UNITED KINGDOM

    Give British contracts to British steel firms.

  20. Cliff Pierce UNITED KINGDOM

    Help our steel workers and put the Great back in to Great Britain, please stop selling us out.

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