Kick out Amy death driver

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Created January 18, 2011 by malcolm


Please sign this petition to show that you support the UK Border Agency high court appeal to have failed Iraqi asylum seeker Mohammed Ibrahim kicked him out of the country against the decision by immigration judges to allow Ibrahim to remain in Britain.

Ibrahim, 34, who came to the UK in the back of a lorry in 2001, has married an English woman with whom he has had two children since he ran over and killed Amy Houston in Blackburn, Lancs, in 2003.

When Ibrahim arrived in the UK he applied for asylum but was refused and a subsequent appeal in November 2002 failed.

He was never sent home and in 2003

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There are currently 19 signatures for this petition:

  1. Helena Hart Ramsgate UNITED KINGDOM

    He shouldn't be allowed to stay. What he did makes me sick! And he has offended since! If he doesnt want to follow our laws he can bugger off!!!

  2. Andy Round UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Guy Rampersaud UNITED KINGDOM

    he needs removing to his home country immediately after serving a long sentence in the toughest jail here
    all the police, immigration and judges who have failed the public on this are culpable too, they need naming and shaming and to lose thier positions and to serve time themselves. those that failed. no more easy street for these public failures and criminals. this can never be repeated

  4. Aaron Clifford Broadstairs UNITED KINGDOM
  5. kevin mendham mablethorpe UNITED KINGDOM


  6. Ben Broadhurst UNITED KINGDOM
  7. Dale Hubbard Exeter UNITED KINGDOM

    Kick the scum out. Farcical.

  8. P D Haines Caerphilly UNITED KINGDOM
  9. Andrew Thomas Swansea UNITED KINGDOM

    As a father of 3, the thought of something like this happening saddens me deeply

  10. Robert Harvey Warrington UNITED KINGDOM

    Send him back!

  11. Andrew Robson Newcastle upon Tyne UNITED KINGDOM

    Feed him to the pigs or deport him, Feeding him to the pigs would be cheaper.

  12. patricia Duce Leamington Spa UNITED KINGDOM

    This person should have been deported long before he killed this young girl he committed enough crimes long before this happened.

  13. Julie Forrester Peterborough UNITED KINGDOM
  14. francis keith UNITED KINGDOM
  15. Martin Roberts Maidenhead UNITED KINGDOM

    Any other members of his family should be sent as well

  16. chloe Barker Shrewsbury
  17. Andy Rivers Stevenage UNITED KINGDOM
  18. Steve Dodson Stroud UNITED KINGDOM

    I agree but he is not the only one who needs to be deported

  19. chander hass chander hass ludhiana INDIA

    pl do not hurt the devotees of sai ram

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