Let’s Get Jacksepticeye To 10 Million Subscribers!

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Created March 5, 2016 by LilyPop Jackaboyda


“jacksepticeye” is a successful gaming yt channel created by one sean william mcloughlin, an irish gamer with a tendency to shout sporadically. His most popular series include “happy wheels,” “subnautica” and many others. “jack”`s channel’s grown so quickly – it hit 8 million subscribers in january and in march has just reached 9. Following this pattern, we should be able to hit 10 million by the end of april, start of may. 10 million is an insane milestone, but we can do it together. If you subscribe/ed after the 5th march 2016, sign the petition and let jack know we support him!

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  1. LilyPop Jackaboyda UNITED KINGDOM

    Because I’m a boss!

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