make facebook remove the profile lucy louise richards, its fake. and get them to suspend all fake profile within 72 hours of being reported.

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Created September 4, 2011 by Lucy Richards


On Tuesday the 30th august I was informed of a profile that had been set up in my name with a photo of me that had been stolen from my partners profile on Facebook, I did a search and it became clear that the person had blocked me from being able to see it, I used an old account to search and straight away there it was, open to public so I was able to look down the wall and see the kind of things that were being said.

It made me sick to the stomach, this person was carrying out a full character assassination and doing a good job too.

I contacted Facebook straight away and waited to hear back from them, 5 days on and the account is still open. The person responsible clearly knows me and knows a lot about me, they have made a point of contacting people I have’nt seen in years and sending them vile abusive messages and even some to people that I don’t know, I have been getting threatening messages for 4 days now because of this and although I have sent a message to everyone on the friends list of this profile explaining the situation some people still don’t believe me.

I need this profile shut down because this situation is getting out of control and Facebook seem to be doing nothing about it. I would appreciate if you could all sign this and if you could also forward it to as many of your friends and family as possible, I would be forever grateful.

I also want Facebook to suspend all accounts that are reported as fake within 72 hours as I feel the less time the person doing it has the less damage they can cause obviously some cases the profile may not be fake and that is why I say it should only be suspended and not closed, this will give the person who’s profile it is time to send proof of identification.

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 16 signatures for this petition:

  1. Lucy Richards

    this person has caused enough problems for me and now it enough i want this profile shut down

  2. angela tobin BULGARIA

    removed the fake profile of lucy louise richards

  3. Lucy Richards

    to sign this you have to click on the part that says sign and then go to the bottom of the page where you will see a box that says comment, a box with a Captcha code and a box to write the code in, you need to enter the captcha code and then press the enter key. this will complete your signing the petition. thankyou to all that take part xxx

  4. maureen humphreys

    u go girl

  5. Becky Webber UNITED KINGDOM

    remove profiles as soon as they come to ur attention….find it disgraceful that a multi-milliion pound company cant afford some admin staff to take care of the issues that ppl may have. many facebook users will end up leaving and looking for something that takes these matters alot more seriously and deals with the claims a hell of a lot quicker too…

  6. kandy richards UNITED KINGDOM

    Those that know you and truly know you know that this is NOT you so get that person of fb and keep them of even with their own account they shouldnt be allowed back on

  7. jo baudrey UNITED KINGDOM

    facebook needs to take this seriously

  8. Debbie Heard UNITED KINGDOM

    it’s about time Facebook sorted this out

  9. lisa easton

    please remove this fake profile

  10. Lucy Richards

    this has gotton beyond a joke itsreally out of order my missus does’nt deserve this crap, she is a good woman a good mum and a good wife to be, whoever the person is that is doing that to her needs locking up in a loony bin

  11. raymond rust

    this has gotton beyond a joke itsreally out of order my missus does’nt deserve this crap, she is a good woman a good mum and a good wife to be, whoever the person is that is doing that to her needs locking up in a loony bin

  12. janine burke UNITED KINGDOM

    This profile should be removed, as the person behind it is a sad **** with nothing better to do!!!!

  13. katie matthews UNITED KINGDOM

    help get it shut down!!

  14. sharonputt UNITED KINGDOM

    remove this post

  15. nina izard UNITED KINGDOM

    remove it if it’s fraudulent

  16. William Dwyer UNITED KINGDOM

    This account should be shut now accounts like this should not be allowed by anyone it is a criminal offence being committed on facebook stop it today.

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