Niemann Pick Type C Baby Alzheimers

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Created May 17, 2011 by gayle


Lleyton Macaulley Coombes.
Born 17th Dec 2006 in Hope Hospital Salford.
after 6 months if intensive tests Lleyton was diagnosed with Niemann pick Type C, this is neurological illness that is life limiting and is a very rare disease, life expectancy 10 / 15 years of age, those affected will usually develop dementia as a symptom of the disease.
There are approximately 87 children diagnosed with this condition in the UK and 500 worldwide Because of this there is NO Government funding. We need to raise awareness & funds for research into the FATAL condition & we need your HELP.

Symptoms are;
*Enlarged spleen
*Enlarged liver
*Learning difficulties and progressive intellectual decline
*Slurred, irregular speech
*Sudden loss of muscle tone which may lead to falls (cataplexy)
*Unsteady gait, clumsiness, walking problems (ataxia)

Most of the symptoms are similar to Alzheimer

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  1. gayle gamble manchester UNITED KINGDOM

    we need to raise awareness & funds to send children like Lleyton to the States where trials are taking place – please sign this petition you might make a difference – thankyou

  2. Tunde Ibraheem Didsbury UNITED KINGDOM
  3. Ruth Hobson Swinton UNITED KINGDOM
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