NO to the proposed Mobile Phone Mast behind Brunel College, BS7 Bristol

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Created September 19, 2011 by Alexander Lentjes


Bristol City Council is proposing to erect a 6-panel Mobile Phone Mast behind Brunel College and we have less than 16 days from today – Monday 20 September – to respond.

Call or e-mail the Council before 4 October or it will happen without opposition.
Call  0117 922 3000  – Application No. 11/03466/F

And of course do sign this petition. 
Please sign with your Street name and House Number, thank you.

The mast will affect you because it will be:
- Between 85m – 250m from the nearest House
- Less than 160m from Sefton Park Primary School

The officially recognized & recommended safe distance from a Mast to a Primary School, let alone a House, is:
- 250m in the UK (i)
- 500m in New Zealand (ii)

(i) UK’s 250m: Sir William Stewart: Chief Scientific Adviser, Cabinet Office 1990 to 1995
(ii) NZ’s 500m: New Zealand Environment Court, 1995

The Council are forgetting or ignoring they are putting one primary school – Sefton Park Primary School – within the mast’s unsafe radius of 250m and another primary school – Ashley Down Primary School – within the 500m unsafe radius.

That is besides putting the WHOLE of Sefton Park Road, Stanley Road, Derby Road, Longfiled Road, Nottingham Road, Surrey Road, Lancashire Road and Kent Road in within the same unsafe 250m radius from the Mobile Phone Mast. The middle part of Sefton Park Road will be within the very unsafe 100m radius of the Mast – receiving on a daily basis an amount of radiation that is considered very unsafe by international standards (iii).

(iii) Int. 100m: French Environmental Health Safety Agency, 1993

The inverse square law quoted in safety documents should be read both ways: the radiation coming from the Mast increases exponentially the closer you get to it. It is highly debated whether there are short term and/or long term effects of the radiation from a Mobile Phone Mast in the form of damage to human health and different research concludes both positive and negative outcomes.  The good or bad outcome is sadly often dictated by who is financing the research (O2, Vodafone, etc.) and what they are aiming to prove (a positive or a negative).

Do your research on the subject and arm yourself with facts and numbers.  The Council will hide behind a safety guarantee report and the particular standards that allow for the mast to be put where they want it to go.  Check out the following websites for opinions and facts:

When reading official safety reports, do remember that in the UK standards on acceptable amounts of radiation are radically higher than in almost all other countries in the world. In fact, in the UK 5,000 times the amount of radiation intake is considered safe compared to New Zealand’s safety standards. Regardless of this, everybody agrees that long term health effects are as yet unknown but projected to be harmful to very harmful by the international independent scientific community.  We are talking about cancer, infertility, disturbance of metabolism and a  fairly bit longer list of diseases related to electromagnetic radiation exposure.

Previous UK Court cases against Councils planning to erect a Mobile Phone Mast or erecting one without consent contain the following key points:

1. direct health and medical effects, including reference to European and worldwide research into effects of radiation emissions / the chosen site poses the greatest health risks of all options considered / infringement on human rights to impose a potentially serious health risk on a residential area;

2. no reference to houses opposite being at a raised level in line with dangerous emissions;

3. an approval would constitute disregard to previous approved Council policy which excluded telecommunications development within 250m of school properties / a ‘Precautionary Approach’ should be adopted with regards to masts not being sited within 250 metres of a school, as per Sir William Stewart’s recommendations.

Point 3 would need to be researched in terms of Bristol City Council policy.

Download a print-resolution of the flyer from:

Thank you for signing the petition and alerting the Council to your objection!

Nr. 51 Sefton Park Road

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 42 signatures for this petition:

  1. Nicola Cotton UNITED KINGDOM

    79 Sefton Park Road – There should be proper public consultation on the siting of the mast. The possible health risks need to be fully discussed with local residents.

  2. Jenni Meyer UNITED KINGDOM

    25 Nottingham Rd.
    What will it take for the council to care about the health of the population they are elected to serve?

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