Parking Restrictions For Ermine Street By Papworth Hospital And Church Lane

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Created January 11, 2012 by Anneka


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we, the undersigned, ask for parking restrictions on ermine street by papworth hospital and church lane, to make the street safer for residents and for children going to and from school. Background information
i am concerned about poor parking by motorists, particularly outside bernard sunley centre and the papworth hospital. This blocks the view for motorists and pedestrians and is particularly dangerous because there are children crossing the road at ermine street waiting for the school bus. Please sign

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    There is a significant risk to pedestrians and drivers by the bling spots caused by parked vehicles
    I am told that if vehicles are removed form Ermine St, then this will increase the risk of speeding motorists along the main road. I’m sure that the highways dept have enough scope to ensure that vehicles do not speed through this zone
    The current situation is an accident waiting to happen.

  2. David Thomas UNITED KINGDOM

    This would make things much safer.

  3. Judith Follon UNITED KINGDOM

    This is has been a ongoing problem which is getting progressivelly worse and as far as people living and working the village can see nothing is being done about it.

    The parking causes access problems for buses and delivery vans and I’m sure it must casue issues for ambulances too.

  4. Anne Crossley UNITED KINGDOM

    As an ongoing problem something should be done to help the people who are living and working in the village.

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