Petition for a General Election in the United Kingdom

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Created September 6, 2011 by Infrastructure


please join if you want another general election in the united kingdom to get nick clegg and david cameron out.

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 14 signatures for this petition:

  1. Brenda Beddard

    got to get this lot out while we still have a country to be proud of

  2. verdi hyam UNITED KINGDOM

    its about time this so called government is ousted,to prevent our country from going down the tubes.these schoolboys have no idea how to run a great country such as ours.the sooner their out the better.


    The sooner we get rid of this government the better this country will be, can’t believe that ordinary people voted for a group of people who have never experienced ordinary life and don’t use any of the services that they have been put in charge of. They are telling everybody to tighten their belts and get used to lower pensions when they have a gold plated pension and don’t even try to cut down on anything.

  4. alan millard UNITED KINGDOM

    when cameron was voted in no one thought he would be giving our lively hoods to the germans, or that he would try and demolish our beloved NHS prat that he is he has now gone to far very soon we will no longer be able to defend our own country we will no longer be able to walk the streets for fear of whats roud the corner because lack of police officers. get him out out out out now

  5. bill pirie UNITED KINGDOM

    get them out before they take the nhs down


    Let’s get them out before they do anymore damage to this country, I totally agree with the
    above comments. I would like to know why Labour leaders are not fighting all these reforms.

  7. thomas elias UNITED KINGDOM

    it’ needed to get rid of this unelected rabble. they are only interested in their private finansial life.

  8. Perry McIntosh

    The sooner their out,the better


    present government are just carrying on where Thatcher left off.

  10. Vanessa Rambridge UNITED KINGDOM

    I would like this Coalition to be ousted because they are destroying everything that is good about BRITAIN!!. We should get them to take their grubby hands off our NHS and Public Services,stop the cuts and GET RID OF this ghastly Government!! They have gone back on every single Pre-election pledge made to the electorate

  11. thomas elias

    We got to get them out before this country is completely owned by the germans.

  12. thomas elias


  13. Shane Murphy UNITED KINGDOM

    This government are as ineffective as the last one. They have reneged on every election promise, camoron is a spineless eu gravy train riding despot and we are on the brink of being run by the German-Franco mafia because of our own politicians treasonous cowardice.

  14. Robin Barker UNITED KINGDOM

    Time to go!

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