Petition Re The Closure Of The Horizon Centre In August 2012

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Created August 6, 2012 by Estelle


The Horizon Centre is under threat of closure this month. We object to the closure and believe it is a financially motivated decision that is not in the best interests of patients. We are concerned that there has been no public consultation about the closure and that communication with patients about alternative arrangements has been woefully inadequate, leading to unnecessary distress.

United for Change is petitioning Salford’s health commissioners and other decision makers to investigate this issue and make a commitment, in writing, to honour the primary health care needs of asylum seekers living in salford, including those experiencing, or at risk of, destitution. Further, should the closure go ahead as planned, we ask that they commit to carrying out a full review of primary health care arrangements after six months, taking into account both the experiences of former Horizon Centre patients, and feedback from voluntary sector agencies that support asylum seekers in the Salford area. We also ask that they commit to an assessment of the training/ support needs of mainstream GPs, healthcare workers and support staff such as receptionists in order to ensure they are equipped to deliver an adequate service to patients, particularly in relation to mental health and communication needs.

This petition is now closed and is no longer accepting signatures!

There are currently 60 signatures for this petition:

  1. Martin Palmer UNITED KINGDOM

    Some of the most vulnerable are likely to be the least supported if closure happens

  2. Ann Hillier

    This facility is vital for asylum seekers:DO NOT CLOSE IT

  3. Mrs Pat James UNITED KINGDOM

    Please do not close the Horizon Centre. Vulnerable asylum seekers need to be able to come here to have their health care needs met.

  4. sally hyman UNITED KINGDOM

    Asylum seekers are people like us. We all need health care

  5. Helen Dennis UNITED STATES

    Please save the Horizon Centre. Protecting the health of this very vunerable group is the least we can do as a rich and Christian country.

  6. Dr. Stuart Whittaker UNITED KINGDOM

    I write in strong support of the petition to retain the Horizon Centre. It has built up specialised expertise caring for the medical, social and cultural needs of asylum seekers and is a vital resource for this vulnerable group of people.

  7. judith emanuel UNITED KINGDOM

    An essential service to improve health equity

  8. Ros Holland UNITED KINGDOM

    Horizon provide a vital service to vulnerable asylum seekers who are fleeing prersecution. I strongly support this petition.

  9. Joyce Kay

    I strongly support the petition against closure of the Horizon Centre – a valuable service for the vulnerable in Greater Manchester.

  10. Tom Skinner UNITED KINGDOM

    Horizon is one of the only places that the most vulnerable in Greater Manchester can receive healthcare, and must remain open.

  11. Assed Baig UNITED KINGDOM

    Don’t close the centre

  12. Adam Dickson UNITED KINGDOM

    People who come to the UK to seek sanctuary are as entitled to basic care for their health and wellbeing as any other member of society. Please effect justice and fairness for our fellow human beings.

  13. Dr Davina Darmanin UNITED KINGDOM

    Not only is the closure of such a spcialised centre unjust, it is also ultimately inefficient healthcare management.

  14. Helen Whitall UNITED KINGDOM

    Please keep the Centre open so that vulnerable people can access the healthcare they need

  15. Andrew Cope UNITED KINGDOM

    The state is there to protect the weak and the vulnerable. Please don’t bring shame on this nation by failing to do so.

  16. pat higson UNITED KINGDOM

    please sign this petition and try to keep this very important Centre open.


    I have seen firsthand how neglecting the primary healthcare needs of refused asylum seekers can lead to the decline of their health and the need for long stays in hospital – a cycle that is then repeated when they are then discharged to once again face destitution. Commit to caring for the most vulnerable.

  18. Bethan Lant UNITED KINGDOM

    This valuable community resource must not be lost.

  19. Lauren Smith UNITED KINGDOM

    People’s basic needs should be considered

  20. Christine Clark UNITED KINGDOM

    This resource of care, for the most vulnerable people, must not go.

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